CHQ - Establishment GOP Losses Are a Repudiation of McConnell's Leadership

Establishment GOP Losses Are a Repudiation of McConnell's Leadership

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Establishment GOP Losses Are a Repudiation of McConnell's Leadership
NewsMax -- Back-to-back losses to Tea Party-endorsed candidates demonstrate the establishment GOP leadership is out of touch with the conservative base, and should be replaced with new conservatives unafraid to rock the boat, says Richard Viguerie.

At Stake: Control of Congress Through 2022
Washington Examiner - With the nation's attention largely shining on whether the Republicans can retake Congress in November, David Freddoso writes that the Party would do well to devote more focus to state races.  Freddoso says if the GOP is successful in a few key states, it could ensure a strong Party showing well into the next decade after redistricting. 

2010 Represents The Revolt Of The Masses
American Spectator - Discussing the thrust of his new book, After the Hangover: The Conservatives' Road to Victory, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. writes that American voters are so fed up with government debt, it's willing to do the heretofore unthinkable:  cut its own entitlement benefits.  Such a departure represents a massive shift in the perspective of Americans' relationship with -- and the expectations of -- their government.

Paul 'Revere' Ryan's Plan
The Hill - If Republicans manage to retake control of the House after November's elections, there's little doubt that conservative reformers such as Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will be trying hard to push the GOP conference towards fiscal sanity.  Even big spenders such as former NRCC chairman Tom Cole recognize that the political momentum is with the young minds such as Ryan - and the Party will be much better off in new and more disciplined (and conservative) hands.

Young Tea Partiers Hold Rally at Crossroads
Times Community Newspapers of Greater Dayton (OH) - Critics of the Tea Party movement claim that it's only comprised of disgruntled folks in the upper age groups, but a group of young conservatives in Ohio is disproving the stereotype by organizing their own meetings and holding rallies geared towards young people.  If this group is indicative of the youth across America, it looks like there might be a bright future for the country based firmly on the Constitution.

GOP, Tea Party Part Ways Over Pork
Mother Jones - Mother Jones isn't exactly the type of publication that would typically have valid news for conservatives, but this story does make a relevant point:  if Republicans were so anxious to 'listen' to America (as they portend to be with their new Website,, then why didn't more of them latch onto the grassroots Tea Party inspired Contract from America?  Stephanie Mencimer speculates it's because Republicans don't want to give up their pork - and she could be right.

Angle Touts Tea Party Support at Stop in Pahrump
Pahrump Valley Times - Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle credits her rise in the polls to local (and national) Tea Party support, and it's the multi-constituency nature of the movement that will allow her to beat Harry Reid in November, she claims.  Angle says she was conservative before it was fashionable - and based on the amount of recognition she's receiving from conservative groups, it looks like many others agree with her.

Rand Paul Staff Re-Organization Aims to Focus, Set Priorities
Washington Times - Perhaps in response to the controversy generated by his comments on the Civil Rights Act, Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul has brought in a new man to manage his campaign (Jesse Benton) whose experience in handling his father's presidential run will certainly help avoid any potential bumps in the future.  Paul's comments have brought about a healthy discussion within the GOP about the proper role of government in society - which in the end, will be a very positive thing.

RINO Incumbent Inglis Faces Backlash in US House Race
Associated Press - Recent elections results have proven that not all incumbents are in trouble, but those who have shown a tendency to stray from conservative principle certainly are being noticed - and that describes South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis perfectly.  Inglis resides in a very safe Republican district - but his betrayal of his conservative constituents has forced him to fight for his political life.