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Gordon Duff

Was America the Golden Goose?
Lost Generation
America's New "Lost Generation"

The calendar says 2010 but it feels like 1955, not the real 1955, not by a long shot, but a fictional, "Hollywood version" with Americans cowering under their beds from the Red Menace, "Duck and Cover," and a bland, colorless ignorance is seeping into our souls.  Instead of cowboy movies, where evil scalping redskins menace our forefathers, wagons circled and arrows flying, the cry is "creeping socialism" and imaginary terrorists.  But it isn't 1955, too much has happened, so much that we have blocked out the realities of 55 years of our history, a history meant to be a lesson, good and bad.  We have replaced everything we believe with a continuing fantasy, and not a very nice one at that.  Our fantasy is written by storytellers, the public relations agents for the massive organized crime syndicate that dwarfs any political leader or government.

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