NH Steward - More Stimulus Outrage


The residual outrage continues with the announcement yesterday from the New Hampshire Stimulus Director who said that the state has only "created or saved the equivalent to 2,200 jobs in New Hampshire through March."

New sources report that this is only about 12% of the projected 16,000 jobs promised by President Obama and heralded by Senator Shaheen and Congressmen Hodes and Shea-Porter. 

Worse than that, President Obama announced publicly last month that the "stimulus" has saved or created 12,000 jobs in New Hampshire, which was clearly wrong and now creates an inconsistency between the White House and the State House in New Hampshire.

Hot Air Blog does a good job exposing the situation and I encourage you to read these articles and then contact Congresswoman Shea-Porter, Congressman Hodes and Senator Shaheen and ask them to explain the inflated job numbers from the White House.

How are we going to trust our leaders here and in Washington if they can't tell us the truth about how our tax dollars are being spent and how many jobs have been "saved or created" in New Hampshire?

Stay active and stay tuned.  We'll keep you updated!

Fred Tausch