Testerman For Governor - Common Sense or Concord Gimmicks?

I am excited to be running for Governor of New Hampshire. As I travel, I meet honest, hard-working people who are concerned about our state both economically and morally.  The opportunity to dialogue with citizens and to listen has top priority.  Additionally, I look forward to debating the issues with other candidates.

Campaigning is all about delivering the message.  You are vital to making this happen.  You can make a big difference.  Help grow our grassroots team.  Can you find three supporters who share our values and will join our team? If so, simply email their names and contact information to Jennifer. 

We can bring common sense and family values back to New Hampshire. I need people like you to join my team so that working together, we can restore prosperity, principles and values to New Hampshire. 

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Common Sense versus Concord Gimmicks 

I am deeply concerned with the economy, and the jobs crisis in our state.  I know you are troubled as well.  Who isn't?!  We each have family or friends who can't find jobs or are under employed.  Small businesses are in a holding pattern, unsure about which taxes will filter their way, and what new regulations may arise.  And they are the ones who generate 75% of our jobs.  Our government must get out of the way and give entrepreneurs regulatory and tax predictability.

Gambling is offered as the carrot for a quick-fix, laden with unintended consequences.  At a
press conference last week  
I expressed my grave concerns with attempting to solve our economic woes with casinos.  Our problem in New Hampshire
is spending.  We should not spend what we do not have. 

We must come together and work for the common good of our state.  I'm dedicated to bringing the most qualified people together to confront this crisis.  Bickering is only going to make us vulnerable to quick fix schemes and more Concord gimmicks.  While I've been "wearing out the shoe leather" since January, this campaign is getting revved up, now.  As I campaign this summer, I'll be sharing my specific ideas for job creation and economic recovery.  Please go to my website today, to learn more about my campaign.  Join our team to become part of the solution.

Working to win,