All hands on deck... The Continental Congress 2009 DVD is here!

Dear Friends & Supporters,

All hands on deck...!

Please stop what you are doing and get ready to take action now.

We've spent the last 3 months and literally poured in hundreds of hours
producing a fantastic DVD that gets to the heart of the issues we are facing in America. It's finally here...This is a brand NEW version which includes a summary of each of the Articles of Freedom.

This DVD explains what every American needs to know about what happened in St. Charles, IL at the 2009 Continental Congress and why the Articles of Freedom may be the last bastion of hope to save our Republic.

--> Step One.

And get your copy of the historic DVD that chronicles the events and resolutions of the Continental Congress 2009.  The DVD walks you through the Articles of Freedom.  Every person who understands the Articles and encourages others to do the same is a step closer to the restoration of our Constitution and the Saving of our Beloved America.

--> Step Two.
Watch it with family and friends, burn copies and distribute far and wide in your local community.

--> Step Three.

Forward this email to everyone you think can help us get this message out across America.

If you've ever stood up for freedom in the face of adversity, then stand
with us now. We need every able bodied man and woman to visit this site and get a copy of this spectacular DVD to distribute locally.

With your help, we can honor those that have given their lives to the
cause of Liberty this Memorial Day by doing your part to protect &
restore the freedoms that were passed down by the generations before us.

Go there now:


Bob Schulz

P.S. There is always hope when enough brave souls stand up to tyranny
together united in the cause of Freedom! We need you with us: