CHQ - Toughest Battles For Conservatives Are Yet To Come

Toughest Battles For Conservatives Are Yet To Come

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Toughest Battles For Conservatives Are Yet To Come
American Spectator - Quin Hillyer compares today's political situation to the historic British evacuation of Dunkirk during WW II, and says in truth, despite recent positive results, conservatives haven't won anything yet (like Churchill said a successful Dunkirk evacuation was not a victory).  Hillyer says conservatives have thus far successfully avoided being swamped under the socialist tide, but our true battles for the political future of America are still far off in the future - and the Left still holds much important territory today.

Rush Limbaugh: I Know I'll Be Destroyed Eventually
World Net Daily - Radio host Rush Limbaugh never displays any 'fear' in broadcasting his radio program, but in his private life, he's scared that eventually liberals will come after him and destroy him - both professionally and personally.  Limbaugh is the subject of a new book (Rush Limbaugh an Army of One) that reveals quite a bit of 'behind the scenes' material on Rush's life, and some of his views may be surprising to his dedicated audience.

Conservative Ron Johnson Takes on Feingold in Wisconsin
Washington Post - George Will profiles the man who most likely will be taking on Wisconsin liberal career politician Sen. Russ Feingold in November, and says Republican Ron Johnson is somewhat 'typical' of the type of candidate coming forth in 2010 -- he's never run for office before and was inspired by the Tea Party to do so.  Johnson is prepared to spend his personal fortune to beat Feingold, and by the sound of it, he would be another excellent advocate for limited government if elected.

Fong Offers Optimism For Young Iowans
Des Moines Register - Not all grassroots conservative efforts these days are connected to America's Tea Parties, as this story on the efforts of one young conservative Iowan demonstrates.  Christian Fong got out of politics and has started his own conservative grassroots organization (The Iowa Dream Project) with the ultimate goal of getting young people more involved - but also to elect conservative candidates.  Fong has a bit of jaded view of Tea Parties, but it sounds as though his concept is still positive, nonetheless.

Carly Fiorina Now Ahead in GOP Battle for Cal. Senate Nomination - Conservatives are torn on the best candidate to support in the California GOP U.S. Senate race between Chuck DeVore (favored by Sen. Jim DeMint) and Carly Fiorina (the choice of Gov. Sarah Palin), but there's one thing that all would agree upon:  that RINO Rep. Tom Campbell is the worst choice of the three.  Good news for the Pro-Life community, as Fiorina has apparently pulled ahead of Campbell in recent polls.

The Lighter Side of Sarah Palin
National Review Online - Daniel Foster writes that we've been seeing a lot more of the 'lighter' side of Gov. Sarah Palin lately, and that's a good thing, because it's only when Palin comes off as too prickly that she seems to get herself in trouble.  Foster says Palin's brief time in the national spotlight has been more intense than most politicians have to endure, but she still needs to respond in ways that paint her in a positive light rather than looking like a political whiner.

Opposition to Kagan climbing
American Thinker (blog) - Ed Lasky blogs on the recent poll numbers concerning Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, noting that the more people learn about her - and her radical ideological leanings - the more 'unfavorable' she becomes.  Lasky also notes that being connected politically to Pres. Obama isn't helping Kagan, as Obama's presence in any matter related to public opinion is guaranteed to send your popularity plummeting. 

Rand Paul on Abortion
Reason - Like virtually everything else, Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul's views on abortion have been put under the microscope, with the Left trying to find some inconsistency that might get him in trouble with some perceived political constituency - but a close look at Paul's views demonstrate that he's solidly Pro-Life and safely within the conservative mainstream.