US Senate candidate Jim Bender statement on Gulf oil spill

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Today, US Senate candidate Jim Bender criticized President Obama’s comments on his administration’s response to the Gulf oil spill. 

"President Obama’s explanation for his administration's response to one of the worst environmental disasters in history was insufficient, said Bender.  “Not only did the administration fail to respond promptly, but they deflected any accountability by blaming oil companies for not being prepared for an emergency and insulted the American public by saying that those who thought they were not urgent enough, 'don’t know the facts.'” 

 “To let all this oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico for 38 days is inexcusable. It’s also symptomatic of the other problems we have in Washington.  There needs to be a basic level of trust and that trust comes from two things: competence and integrity.  We’re lacking some of both in Washington.”

“The BP oil rig explosion is the Obama Administration’s Katrina in the Gulf.  The long term environmental and economic effects will be monumental.  The government has not shown us leadership: instead they still refuse to take the lead in solving this problem."