CHQ - My article in The Washington Post on the Tea Party

Sunday's Washington Post published an article by me entitled "From An Old-School Conservative, Advice For The Tea Party" on the future of the Tea Party cause.  Part of the article says:

"As an active participant in the conservative movement for more than 50 years, I've long thought that, even at the peak of our strength, conservatives could only slow the growth of government, not reverse it."

"But with the emergence of the "tea party" movement, for the first time in my life I sense that it may be possible for conservatives to actually shrink the federal government."

"Yet some of the Tea Party's greatest strengths also present formidable challenges.  How does a leaderless movement (and our lack of a single leader is very much one of our strengths) continue to grow and gain power?"

I have five suggestions for my fellow Tea Partiers...

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