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Take Richard Viguerie's Survey At!

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Take Richard Viguerie's Survey At!
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Will Obama's Actions Ultimately Push America To The Right?
American Thinker (blog) - Thomas Lifson comments on Richard Viguerie's op-ed that appeared in The Washington Post on Sunday, agreeing that the Tea Party movement's purpose is to provide the basis for actually shrinking the federal government rather than merely limiting its growth. 

Dobson Switches Endorsement in KY to Rand Paul
BusinessWire -- After having been fooled about Paul's pro-life position, Dobson switches his support to Rand Paul after discussing one-on-one Paul's avidly pro-life views.

Crist's Internal Polling Shows Him Winning 3-Way Race -- Taggard's Political Wire reports Charlie Crist's internal polling has him leading the pack, a fresh signal to conservatives not to ease up their enthusiasm for Marco Rubio in Florida.

Next Step For Some Tea Party Activists: Become Candidates
Fort Worth Star-Telegram - The Tea Party movement may have begun as a protest against the excesses of Big Government, but a great many of its activists have taken their interest a step farther by deciding to run for office. 

Tea Partiers Defy The Descriptions Of Their Detractors
Washington Times - Tea Partier Doug Mainwaring writes of the utter failure of the Left to characterize the Tea Party movement, which Mainwaring says has come together to advocate for three things:  fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets. 

Arnold, Forget the Angry Mob; Watch out for Angry Moms
Blogger News Network - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just one of many elites who've expressed contempt for America's Tea Parties, claiming that they'll fizzle and die out once the economy starts growing again.  Blogger Lisa tends to disagree, and here lays out all the reasons why people are so fed up with government - and it starts with the arrogance of leaders like Schwarzenegger.

Crist Not Expected To Dilute Rubio's Support - Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's decision to pull out of the Republican primary and run as an Independent has many concerned that he'll take votes away from conservative favorite Marco Rubio, but Regent University political scientist Dr. Charles W. Dunn doesn't believe that will happen.  

Tea Partiers Blast Nation's Health Care Plan, Federal Reserve
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review - Rain didn't dampen the spirits of about a thousand Pittsburgh area Tea Party activists who came out to express their feelings on Big Government and hear from candidates who are competing for their votes - yet another sign that politicians had better not underestimate the motivations behind America's Tea Parties.

Will Republicans Rethink War?
American Conservative - Jack Hunter takes most Republicans to task for their unflinching support for war - and says that has to change if the GOP is going to get back to a more conservative and realistic position on foreign policy.