Sam Adams Alliance - American Majority Post-Party Summits

American Majority just wrapped up its second weekend of Post-Party Summits, this time in Jacksonville and Denver, and the response has been amazing. Thanks to the hard work of local tea party organizers and activists, the Post-Party in Pittsburgh had over 260 engaged activists show up. Denver was a huge success, with over 160 Conservatives showing up impassioned and ready to learn. Sam Adams Alliance led training exercises at both these events, and now we couldn't be more excited about this weekend's events in Boston, Charlotte and Kansas City; and next weekend's summit in Indianapolis.  

The Summits have educated hundreds and connected true patriots in the meaningful ways not addressed by

yesterday's conservative groups. American Majority is focused on tomorrow. We truly believe we are witnessing the beginning of a new movement, one in which we organize, we educate, and one in which Conservatives win politically. 

Following are just a few of the comments from Post Party attendees we've received so far:

"The whole workshop was BEYOND my expectations! I never expected the degree of excellence. The information was needed....I look forward to follow-ups to learn even more!"

"No 912 or Tea Party activist should be without the first rate training available through American Majority. The event was the third time I have taken advantage of one of their programs. Each one has been better than the one before."

"I cannot say enough to compliment American Majority, it was above and beyond what I expected. The speakers were the best and the classes were excellent. When departing I felt motivated and had HOPE for my country. Thank you. I have shared w/so many people since and they all felt motivated to attend one of your Seminar's hopefully you will return."

"It was fantastic. I feel like I just robbed you by only paying $50 for this."

Each Post-Party is an important step in the movement. Each event will help more Conservatives like you organize your community for liberty. We know what the Left has done and the Post Party Summits will teach you how to do it better. 

Register for any of the remaining summits here.

This promises to be one of the most meaningful things you do for liberty this year. Do not miss your opportunity to network with like-minded activists, receive the resources needed to win, and be part of the new American Revolution.