MEDO - Manchester ranked at the 7th Most Livable City by Forbes Magazine

Manchester, NH -  The Manchester- Nashua MSA was just named by Forbes Magazine as the 7th Most Livable City in the US.  Forbes noted that Manchester had the second-lowest crime rate of all the metros that were surveyed.  They also noted that incomes have grown by 3% in five years and at 7.7% Manchester’s unemployment rate is well below the national average.  

Mayor Ted Gatsas was not surprised by the ranking, “Manchester has long been recognized as one of the safest cities in the country thanks to our dedicated police force and the involvement of our many active neighborhood and community groups.”  Gatsas went on to add, “ Due to our diversified business base and dynamic workforce we have been able to avoid the double-digit unemployment rates most cities of our size have had to struggle with over the past couple of years”.

In addition to low employment and crime rates, Forbes suggested that another factor that contributes to a cities livability is the presence of students. “Many people do not realize that Manchester is home to 11 colleges and universities making the city the largest college town north of Boston.  Our cities college and university systems educate more than 15,000 students each year which strengthens our economy by contributing to the development of  a highly skilled and educated workforce”, stated Jay Minkarah from Manchester’s Economic Development Office.

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