CHQ - Fitzgibbons: On Crony Philanthropy

Fitzgibbons: On Crony Philanthropy

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Fitzgibbons: On Crony Philanthropy
American Thinker -- Mark J. Fitzgibbons comments on Obama's prolific use of taxpayer dollars to partner with non-profit organizations such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood, raising the specter of "crony philanthropy" -- a dangerous mix of political patronage, taxpayer cash, and leftist activism.

Black Hopefuls Pick This Year in GOP Elections
New York Times -- More African-Americans are running as Republicans this year than at any time since Reconstruction, fueled by Barack Obama's election, an open embrace of the Tea Party movement, and the possible influence of GOP Chairman Michael Steele.

Great Moments in Opportunism
Politico -- James Hohmann and John Harris slam Charlie Crist's abandonment of the GOP label: "It turns out that one big reason people assume that politicians are slippery opportunists whose words can't be trusted is that many of them are slippery opportunists whose words can't be trusted."

Coats Wins In Indiana Due To Divided Conservative Vote
American Spectator - Former Sen. Dan Coats saw an open Indiana U.S. Senate seat as a golden opportunity to re-enter politics and quickly became the favorite of the GOP national establishment - but there was little enthusiasm at the grassroots level for his candidacy.  Despite the grassroots' antipathy, Coats managed to win the Indiana primary - and W. James Antle, III writes that it was due to the conservative vote being split by two more promising candidates.  

Polls Show GOP May Rise With Arizona
Politico - Democrats and the liberal media have predicted dire consequences for Republican support of Arizona's tough new illegal immigration law, but polls are showing that a firm stance in favor of enforcement will only help Republicans with the voters.  Once again, the liberals' lack of deference to the popular will finds them on the wrong side of another issue.

Liberty, Limits, and Illegal Immigration
American Conservative - Jack Hunter points out the obvious hypocrisy of those who champion closer surveillance of American citizens (through laws such as the Patriot Act) yet take issue with state and local governments that try to keep tabs on illegal immigrants (such as Arizona).  Hunter says state action to control a problem where the federal hypocrites have failed is entirely reasonable under the circumstances.

Reading the Louisiana Tea Leaves
Greater Baton Rouge Business Report - Tea Parties in Louisiana are certainly different from others across the country, but they're also the same in one respect - they're a spontaneous grassroots-based movement that political veterans are saying they've never seen before.  Here's a look at a Louisiana state and Baton Rouge local Tea Party that's turned heads in the state legislature and has federal candidates vying for their favor.

Bunning: McConnell Endorsement Of Grayson Won't Mean Much
Hotline On Call - Retiring Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning doesn't have much to lose in expressing his opinions on the primary race to replace him, and he says that Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's endorsement of the Party establishment favored candidate (Trey Grayson) won't do much to eliminate Rand Paul's lead in the polls.  Bunning also strongly hinted that it was McConnell who 'misled' James Dobson to announce and then retract his endorsement of Grayson.

In Kentucky Senate primary, Contest Is Tea Party vs. GOP
McClatchy Newspapers - As the Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate race winds to a conclusion (on May 18th), it's becoming clear that the contest has become symbolic of the fight between enthusiastic Tea Party conservatives and the stale business-as-usual Republican Party establishment.  Conservative favorite Rand Paul leads establishment darling Trey Grayson in the polls, but there are signs that the establishment won't go down quietly.

Judd Gregg and Bob Corker Sell Out GOP on Bailouts - Erick Erickson blogs on the moves by Republican Senators Judd Gregg (New Hampshire) and Bob Corker (Tennessee) to sabotage the GOP's chances to alter the Democrats' Big Government Wall Street bill, revealing their efforts to kill an amendment that would require the Federal Reserve to account for its bailout actions.  Gregg and Corker are counting on continued ignorance to allow the Fed to bailout companies without any transparency.

Conservative Activists Pushing Republican Party to Right
Voice of America - For those observing American politics from overseas, it must look like a strange picture with the emergence of the Tea Party movement and the major Parties dealing with massive citizen protests - and here's a look from Voice of America at the situation in Florida and other places where conservative activists have been successful in moving the Republican Party to the right.