DNC - Today Main St. in Concord: OFA Asks Granite Staters to Tell Senator Gregg to Vote for Wall Street Reform

Concord Area Residents to Show Support for President Obama’s Plan for Wall Street Reform That Will Create Strong Consumer Protections and Ensure that Taxpayers Never Again Have to Bail Out Wall Street

CONCORD - Organizing for America (OFA) will hold an event in support of President Obama’s Wall Street reform plan on Thursday May 6th at 11:00 AM in front of Senator Judd Gregg’s office on Main Street in Concord. OFA supporters and volunteers will gather outside Senator Gregg’s office to encourage their fellow Granite Staters to visit the Senator’s office and tell him to support Main Street by voting for Wall Street reform. Just last week Senator Gregg voted three times against allowing the Senate to begin debating Wall Street reform.

OFA supporters are working to build support for Wall Street Reform that will create the strongest consumer protections in history so American families and small businesses have the information they need to make smart financial decisions and ensure taxpayers will never again have to bail out Wall Street.


Concord “Day of Action in Support of Wall Street Reform”


OFA-NH State Director Tim Arsenault, OFA-NH volunteers and Concord Area Residents


Thursday, May 6th at 11:00 AM



In Front of Senator Gregg’s Concord Office

125 North Main Street

Concord, NH


Organizing for America (OFA) is a grassroots project of the Democratic National Committee. OFA's network of volunteers and staff is actively working in all 50 states to promote the President's proposals to strengthen America's middle class by creating jobs, passing health insurance reform, building a clean energy economy, improving education, and reining in the excesses of Wall Street.