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FCC to regulate the Internet by rewriting history - literally.


Tim Phillips talks about the motives of the Tea Party movement.

Daily Caller

Oberstar's water bill sets up the biggest EPA powergrab yet

Fox News

Shouldn't Congress wait for the Financial Crisis report before rushing to regulate?

Fox Business News

Connecting the dots of the housing and financial crisis.

Big Government

Tim Phillips reveals upcoming tax hikes and what the grassroots is doing to stop them.

Daily Caller

Breaking the cycle of earmark spending.


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May 2010 AFP Update


Take Action


Stop the FCC from Taking Over the Internet

After the FCC's latest comment period drew 41,280 comments opposing Internet regulation from AFP grassroots activists, Chairman Julius Genachowski did an about-face yesterday and announced his agency will regulate the Internet by reclassifying it as a telephone system.

Tell your member of Congress to stop the FCC from distorting the law and taking extreme measures to seize regulatory control of the Internet here.

Tell Congress to Vote NO on So-called Financial Reform Legislation

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Goldman Sachs acted improperly in the financial crisis, but there is no investigation into the left-wing Center for Responsible Lending, which facilitated both the creation of the subprime bubble and its collapse, while CRL's major donors (John Paulson, Herb and Marion Sandler, and George Soros) made a fortune.

Click here to tell Congress to vote NO on the fake reform bill that rewards organizations like CRL and Goldman Sachs.

Stop the EPA's Global Warming Power Grab

The Obama administration intends to bypass Congress and implement Cap-and-Trade regulations through unelected bureaucrats in the Environmental Protection Agency. Tell your member of Congress to stop the EPA's power grab here.

Tell your elected officials November is Coming

Tell your elected officials if they voted YES on any big government takeover or freedom-killing legislation, you'll vote NO on them in November. Sign the petition here.

RightOnline®/Western Defending the American Dream® Summit this July


Americans for Prosperity Foundation will host its third annual RightOnline Conference this summer in Las Vegas on July 23 & 24. This two day event will bring together thousands of citizen activists, leading conservative voices, and the nation's foremost new media experts for advocacy and mobilization training. For the third straight year we will once again confront the radical left-wing Netroots Nation head-on in Las Vegas.

Learn more about RightOnline, our lineup of speakers, and planning your trip here. Make sure to reserve your spot today!

Coming up at AFP

Regulation Reality Tour™ Coming to Ohio and Indiana

AFP is taking our Regulation Reality Tour to Ohio and Indiana on May 10-12 to expose the EPA's power grab. Under the direction of the White House, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is attempting to implement sweeping global warming regulations without a vote of Congress. We're on the road to educate citizens about this dangerous abuse of power.

Join us on the road and register for a free event today!

Second Annual Texas Defending the American Dream® Summit

If you believe government taxes, spends and regulates too much - attend this Summit! This Summit is designed to empower taxpayers, provide a strategy for enacting taxpayer protections and amplify the Voice of the Taxpayer.

Learn more and register here.

Arkansas Defending the American Dream® Summit

On June 12th in Arkansas, you can join America's foremost free-market voices, top experts on grassroots mobilization, and Arkansas' largest gathering of grassroots leaders from across the state in a massive show of force for our shared belief in lower taxes and more limited government.

Learn more and register here.

Excellence in New Media Contests - $20,000 total in prizes available - Deadline is May 15th

Do you constantly email stories about government policies to your family and friends or post articles to your Facebook and Twitter profiles? Do you provide your own political commentary on blogs? If so, AFP Foundation wants to reward you for your efforts. We have $20,000 total in cash prizes available for the winners. If this sound like you, a family member, or friend, you can enter one of these contests HERE.

Recent Highlights


Michigan Defending the American Dream Summit Wraps Up

Governor Sarah Palin told over 1,300 fired up activists that we are going to win this crucial policy battle over cap-and-trade if we keep taking our message to the American people - and she is right. The Obama administration is attempting to use the EPA to push through much of their cap-and-trade agenda just in case we defeat them in Congress.

Read more highlights and see pictures here.

Tax Day Tea Parties Across the Country

Hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans demonstrated anew the passion of a conservative movement determined to take back our nation. Click here to go to our website to see pictures and coverage of tax day tea parties and rallies across the nation.

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