CHQ - DeMint Bucks McConnell To Endorse Rand Paul

DeMint Bucks McConnell to Endorse Rand Paul

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DeMint Bucks McConnell to Endorse Rand Paul
Wall Street Journal (blog) - Sen. Jim DeMint has weighed-in on the important Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate race, and his choice is the same as other prominent conservatives such as Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. Jim Bunning, Steve Forbes and James Dobson:  Rand Paul.

Chuck DeVore Stays True To His Principles
San Francisco Chronicle - California GOP U.S. Senate candidate Chuck DeVore is running as the true conservative in the state's primary race, and he's sticking to his principles despite several setbacks to his campaign. 

In California's U.S. Senate Race, It's Open Season On RINOs
Sacramento Bee - California is perhaps the greatest example in America of the consequences of squishy Republicans cooperating with liberals to create a huge fiscal mess, so it should shock no one that the state's Republican U.S. Senate candidates want nothing to do with the RINO label - and they're all claiming to be the 'real' conservative in the race.  

Cornyn: 'Thank Goodness I'm Not Running This Time'
CNN Political Ticker (blog) - The chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Sen. John Cornyn, has acknowledged that it's a tough atmosphere for incumbents this year, saying 'thank goodness I'm not running this time.'  Cornyn is only partly correct:  it's a tough year for incumbents (such as Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah) because voters are paying much closer attention to politicians who have been more interested in winning friends in Washington than representing their constituents.

Floridians Debate - And Sue - To Determine Who's A Real Tea Partier
Daily Caller - It was bound to happen at some point, but several groups in Florida are arguing back and forth about which one actually represents the 'real' Tea Party.

Don't Take Us For Granted, Tea Party Warns Ohio GOP
Toledo Blade - This week's elections results didn't necessarily go as some local Ohio Tea Parties would have wanted them to, but Tea Party leaders are warning Ohio's Republican Party to not take them for granted in November.

How Crist's Self-Serving Move Hurts Florida's Conservatives
American Conservative - Daniel Larison looks at the latest polling numbers from Florida's three-way Senate race and concludes that Charlie Crist's self-serving move to run as an Independent may very well end up resulting in Marco Rubio's defeat.

Rove, GOP Secretly Plot Vast Network To Reclaim Power
Politico - For former Bush advisor Karl Rove, it's always been about power - so it should come as no surprise that the master strategist has joined other top Republicans in putting together a 'plan' to bring the GOP back into the majority based on the Democrats' successful example from early in the last decade.