DNC - Union Leader Op-Ed: Obama group is grassroots

Please see below for an op-ed by OFA-NH State Director Tim Arsenault that ran in this morning’s Union Leader in response to a Union Leader editorial on OFA that ran yesterday.


Obama group is grassroots


AS A LIFELONG Granite Stater, political engagement always has been important to my family and my community. I never thought it would come to the point that a newspaper in my home state would publish an editorial calling me and the organization I work with "

I got my start in New Hampshire grassroots politics at the age of 7 in Laconia, holding a sign for my grandmother at the polls when she was running for her sixth term on the school board. Now, nearly two decades later, I’m continuing the grassroots work that I learned from my grandmother and other community leaders.

At Organizing for America, we work with the grassroots in support of President Obama and his legislative agenda to help the middle class. In the last year, we’ve held canvasses, phone banks and community events across the state in support of health insurance reform, the Recovery Act and a slew of other issues that affect the lives of middle-class Granite Staters. The Union Leader may disagree with our politics — that’s their right — but that doesn’t change who we are.

We are thousands of Granite Staters from all walks of life who take stock in the future of the country and are working hard to change it for the better.

And yesterday, we held several events around the state (organized by real Granite State grassroots volunteers) in support of meaningful Wall Street reform to protect New Hampshire consumers and rein in the excesses and abuses of Wall Street that nearly sent us into another Great Depression.

And for the record, it wasn’t a “protest” as the Union Leader claimed; we’re just encouraging folks to visit with Sen. Judd Gregg’s office to encourage him to support the type of Wall Street reform we need. This is real grassroots politics at its finest, with neighbors talking to neighbors, citizens talking to their representative. It’s about common-sense solutions to issues that affect us all. In short, it’s about what’s best for New Hampshire.

Tim Arsenault of Laconia is the New Hampshire state director of Organizing for America.