Guinta Announces Second Amendment Advisory Committee

Manchester - Frank Guinta announced today the formation of his Second Amendment Advisory Committee. The former mayor and current congressional candidate, a long time supporter of citizens’ rights to bear arms, was honored to earn the support of such distinguished leaders. Guinta went on to comment, “I believe that our Country needs to return to the common sense ideas laid out by the Founding Fathers and clearly encapsulated within the Bill of Rights. I will be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment to the Constitution and promise to work to repeal and oppose any law that restricts the rights of citizens to own firearms.”

Team Guinta’s Second Amendment Advisory Committee is lead by former conservative congressional candidate Michael Hammond of Dunbarton. He is joined by Hon. Howard Crow Dickenson of Center Conway, Rep. Jenn Coffey of Andover, Rep. Laurie Boyce of Alton, Rep. Larry Gagne of Manchester, Rep. David Welch of Kingston, Richard Olson of Manchester, and Jim Phelan of Auburn. All have various past and present connections to groups that support gun owner rights. Hammond and Phelan have both served as officers of Gun Owners of New Hampshire. Olson is the Treasure of the New Hampshire Wildlife Foundation. Dickenson is a former State Representative and long time Second Amendment supporter.  Boyce, Coffey, Gagne and Welch all currently serve as State Representatives with Gagne and Welch serving on the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.