NHDP - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley Lauds Job Creation in Month of April

Latest Economic News Is Proof Policies of President Obama and Democrats in Congress are Improving Economy

Concord - Today, the Labor Department released its April jobs report, showing that 290,000 jobs were created last month - more than 100,000 new jobs than analysts had expected and the largest monthly jobs gain in four years.  In response to this news, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"The new jobs report is great news for the people of New Hampshire and the nation.   The country is adding jobs at a record pace and it's clear we've turned a corner."

"The remarkable turnaround in the economy was accomplished without any help from Republicans.  At every opportunity, they stood in the way of progress - hoping that the economy would languish and they would gain politically."

"Their crass focus on political gain over the well-being of our state and county must end today.  It is undeniable that Democratic policies are responsible for cleaning up the mess created by 8 years of failed right wing economic policy.  Republicans drove our economy into a ditch, but President Obama and the Democrats in Congress have pulled it out and got us back on track."

"In light of the incredible progress we've made in just over a year, even the staunchest right wing partisan can no longer deny this simple fact."

"It's important to remember that just one year ago, the country was losing nearly 800,000 jobs every month.  President Obama and New Hampshire's congressional delegation - Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congresswoman Shea-Porter, and Congressman Paul Hodes - have been working tirelessly in Washington to undo the mess created by Republicans."

"With this latest report, our country has added jobs in five out of the last six months.  In addition to the 290,000 jobs added in April, job creation in March was even better than originally projected.  232,000 jobs were added in March - 70,000 more jobs than the 162,000 originally projected."

"Here in New Hampshire, Governor Lynch and Democrats in the House and the Senate have also been working hard to implement New Hampshire Working - a program designed to protect Granite Staters who currently have jobs, help those without jobs find work, and ensure that the New Hampshire workforce has the training and skills necessary to compete for the best jobs available."

Below is a graph of job growth and loss from the Obama and Bush administrations.

Jobs Graph