Ayotte For US Senate - It's Official.

You should be among the first to know that I am now officially a candidate for U.S. Senate. Earlier today I filed my campaign paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office in Concord.

I am running for Senate to stop the spend-a-thon in Washington. To stop the bailouts. To stop the earmarks. And to stop mortgaging our children’s future.

That’s a message I hear every day as I campaign across New Hampshire. And it’s a fight I’m ready to take to Congress.

But I can’t do it alone.
Will you help me put our country’s fiscal house in order by making a contribution to my campaign? Whether it’s $10, $25, $100 or even $1,000, your support will help me spread a strong anti-spending message.

America’s national debt now tops $13 trillion. Professional politicians like Paul Hodes are bankrupting our country.  We need to stop them – before it’s too late.

As Attorney General, I was tough on crime. In Washington, I’ll get tough on wasteful spending.

That’s why your contribution is so important. By supporting my campaign, you’ll help me put Congress on notice that their big-spending days are numbered. Will you help me send that message by making a donation to my campaign?

We’ve already seen that Paul Hodes and his Democrat cohorts are ready to do everything in their power to stop us from taking back Washington. There’s no issue they won’t twist and distort to win this seat. We can’t let them get away with it. Help me stop the spending by stopping Paul Hodes.

We’re in this fight together and for the long haul. I can’t win without your support. Would you please make a contribution to my campaign online right now?  If you do, you will help me ensure that my campaign reaches our goal of raising $9,700 in the next 24 hours.  That is equal to $100 for each day that we have left in the primary!

Thank you for standing firm with me in this critical race. Every day I’m out on the campaign trail, I know it’s you who I’m fighting for – and I’ll never forget it.

On to victory!

 P.S. Let’s make sure we send Paul Hodes back to the private sector this fall. A contribution to my campaign will make that happen.