CHQ - Nikki Haley Is The Most Dangerous Woman In South Carolina

Nikki Haley Is The Most Dangerous Woman In South Carolina

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Nikki Haley Is The Most Dangerous Woman In South Carolina - Erick Erickson blogs on who he believes is the most 'dangerous' woman in South Carolina (Nikki Haley), but the only ones who will be in trouble are those Republicans who refuse to concede the status quo and tried to defeat her by smearing her with falsehoods.  Erickson says the old guard is slowly dying out in the Palmetto State, and the fact that they'll be supporting a TARP-voting establishmentarian in the runoff contest in two weeks won't be enough to stop Haley.

With Tea Party Support , Angle Scores in Nevada GOP Senate Primary
Daily Caller - Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle pulled off what some consider an unlikely victory in her state's primary yesterday, and now will pit her conservative grassroots support against Majority Leader Harry Reid in November.  Angle's race has been watched closely for months, and her rise in recent polls is certainly attributable to the exposure she's received through the dedicated work of the grassroots in Nevada as well as backing from national conservative groups.

Fiorina wins big in California
Sacramento Bee (blog) - Some conservatives were worried about the fact that two conservatives were running opposite RINO Rep. Tom Campbell in the California GOP U.S. Senate race, fearing they'd split the conservative vote and open an avenue for Campbell to sneak by - but it didn't turn out that way, as the Gov. Sarah Palin-endorsed Carly Fiorina ended up winning convincingly on Tuesday.  The 'other' conservative in the race, Chuck DeVore, conceded defeat and immediately threw his support behind Fiorina in her upcoming battle against arch-liberal Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Nikki Haley and the New Conservatives
American Conservative - South Carolinian Jack Hunter writes on the just concluded GOP governor's race in his state, which turned out to be a particularly ugly affair because the entrenched Party establishment did everything it could to discredit and try to derail the 'real' conservative in the race, Nikki Haley - and they basically lost.  Haley nearly won the nomination (with 49%, will be in a runoff), and Hunter says it's a new day for conservatives who are starting to differentiate between the real conservative candidates and the fakes who merely claim to be conservative.

Sarah Palin's endorsements paid off on Tuesday
Politico - It's safe to say that Gov. Sarah Palin's endorsement alone isn't enough to win victories for Republican candidates, but Tuesday's elections proved that it gives those fortunate enough to win her backing a better chance to prevail in their races.  Three out of four of Palin's chosen candidates either won or forced a runoff yesterday - and all are giving a good portion of the credit to Palin for providing them a boost with the grassroots.

Tea Party-backed Graves wins in Georgia's 9th district
Atlanta Journal Constitution - National and local Tea Party groups claimed another victory on Tuesday, as Republican Tom Graves prevailed in Georgia's 9th congressional district special election to succeed Rep. Nathan Deal.  Graves had the backing of the Atlanta Tea Party Patriots and FreedomWorks as well as financial backing from the Club for Growth, and his win should definitely be counted as a plus for the Tea Party movement.  One note - Graves and his main opponent will be on the state primary ballot once again on July 20th for the next full term in office.

Is Mitch Daniels feeling his presidential moment?
Washington Examiner (blog) - Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is drawing a lot of attention these days as a possible presidential candidate, and it's not because he overwhelms people with his sparkling personality or political good looks.  On the contrary, Daniels would seem to be the anti-politician, a man who's succeeded simply because he's solved problems with principled conservative solutions - something the country should be very interested in come 2012.

Rebranding the GOP and closing the gender gap
The Hill (blog) - John Feehery blogs on what he sees as a new phenomenon in the Republican Party - women candidates who are finding success by highlighting conservative-themed issues and de-emphasizing their gender at the same time.  Feehery uses a heavy identity-politics focus for his analysis, yet he makes several interesting points about how female voters are perhaps starting to see the GOP in a new way - and that will be a positive development for the Party.