CEI Weekly: Senate Defends EPA Power Grab


>>Senate Defends EPA Power Grab; Votes Down Resolution

Today 53 members of the U.S. Senate went on record supporting economy-busting global warming regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. The resolution, S.J.Res.26, introduced by Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) would have stopped the EPA from ‘enacting’ controversial global warming policies through the regulatory back door.  Specifically, it would have overturned EPA’s finding that greenhouse gas emissions endanger public health and welfare. The endangerment finding is both a trigger and precedent for sweeping policy changes never approved by Congress. Read more of what CEI has to say about the resolution:

Iain Murray's "EPA Vote Coming Down to the Wire" in the American Spectator and "Action Needed Now to Stop EPA Power Grab" in the National Review Online.

Chris Honer's "Senate to Vote on Obama's Power Grab" in the Daily Caller.

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>>Shaping the Debate

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Michelle Minton's Op-ed in the Detroit News

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Iain Murray's Op-ed in the American Spectator

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Iain Murray and Roger Abbott's Article in the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone

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Iain Murray's Op-ed in the National Review Online

Australian Resource Tax Will Dampen Innovation

Fred Smith's Letter to the Editor in the Financial Times

>>Best of the Blogs

Halter’s Loss a Major Blow for Big Labor

by Ivan Osorio 

Statement of Marlo Lewis on S.J.Res.26, Sen. Murkowski’s resolution to overturn EPA’s endangerment finding

by Marlo Lewis

Thank You CBD: Another Reason to Nix EPA Endangerment Finding

by Marlo Lewis

>>LibertyWeek Podcast

Episode 96: Donut Day Disobedience

Richard Morrison and Marc Scribner welcome Chris Horner, Sam Kazman, and Ryan Radia to episode 96. We cover Chicago’s dishonorable gun restrictions, a special interview with bestselling author Christopher C. Horner, civil disobedience on National Donut Day, a shout out to CEI’s annual dinner gala, and the FTC’s proposed “Drudge Report Tax.”

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