Jeb Bradley Announces Re-Election Campaign for Senate District 3

Jeb Bradley filed papers with the Secretary of State’s Office to become a candidate for re-election to Senate District 3 which includes 17 towns in Carroll and northern Strafford Counties.

“It has been an honor to serve again in the Legislature and represent District 3,” said Bradley a Wolfeboro resident and former small business owner.

Bradley cited his priorities as getting the 50,000 unemployed New Hampshire residents back to work, repealing or lowering the myriad of new taxes that have been introduced or increased in the last two years, and balancing the budget by making necessary spending cuts and restructuring how the state delivers services. Bradley has consistently opposed both a sales and income tax and will continue to do so.

“I have led efforts in Concord to repeal the LLC Tax which is nothing more than an income tax on business owners.  I have also fought to lower the Rooms and Meals tax and eliminate the Camping Tax which hurts the hospitality industry in the Lakes Region and Mount Washington Valley.”

Bradley contended that taxes such as the LLC tax and other high business taxes have impeded economic recovery.  Further he said state government must do what struggling families and small businesses are doing – tighten its belt. In 2009 Bradley earned a perfect 100% rating from the state’s chamber of commerce, the Business and Industry Association, for his pro-business and pro-jobs voting record.

Bradley also stressed other priorities: fair and reasonable implementation of the Shore Land Protection Act that respects property rights while preserving the shorefront and diversifying and expanding both traditional and renewable energy resources.

When Bradley previously served in the Legislature, he led efforts to lower electric rates, improve public scrutiny of legislative ethics, and implement legislation that reduced air pollution in New Hampshire.
When Bradley served in Washington, he worked to prevent the closure of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and preserve 5000 jobs, open a new outpatient clinic for veterans and keep the emergency room at the Manchester Veterans Hospital open, and protect 35,000 acres in the White Mountain National Forest with a wilderness designation.

Bradley was honored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars twice as its Citizen of the Year in 2004 and 2008. He was also honored by the Granite State Chapter of the Association of the U.S. Army as its person of the year in 2006. In 2007 he was given the Franklin Pierce Award of Merit by the National Guard Association of New Hampshire.  Bradley also received the Business and Industry Association New Hampshire Advantage Award in 2006.

Jeb and his wife Barbara owned small businesses in Wolfeboro and have four adult children. Jeb continues to hike frequently in the White Mountains. He recently completed climbing all the 48 four thousand foot peaks in the winter and has almost finished climbing all 48 for the third time. His next climbing challenge is completion of all the 100 Highest New England Peaks.

For more information about Bradley’s campaign go to his website:  He plans an active campaign based on the issues while focusing on grassroots and door to door meetings with voters.