Jim Bender campaign files the most petitions for US Senate candidacy

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

Hollis, NH- Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate officially filed his candidacy this morning at the New Hampshire State House in Concord. 

Team Bender filed 270 petitions, showing significant support from the people of New Hampshire.  Secretary of State Bill Gardner said, “that is the most that anyone that’s filed has submitted.” 

In a speech after the filing, Jim spoke to supporters and volunteers,

“I am running to help restore trust, competence and integrity to our government. Our leaders in Washington have lost their way and have forgotten that ‘we the people’ demand to be heard when they overwhelmingly reject unwanted health care legislation, overregulation and higher taxes.”


“Big government has trampled on the American dream.  The people I have spoken to around the state agree with my philosophy that our government is too big and wasteful and the lack of leadership and accountability in Washington must come to an end.”