NHDP - Time for John Stephen to Come Clean About His Views, Not Just Attack

Concord - After months of offering only attacks instead of substance, 20-year government bureaucrat John Stephen should come clean about his views and start answering the tough questions when he files his campaign for governor, said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

"It's time for John Stephen to offer more than attacks; it's time for him to start answering questions," Buckley said. "Voters have a right to know what his plans are, especially given his documented history of secretly going behind the backs of voters and the legislature."

As health and human services commissioner, John Stephen secretly proposed to the federal government a radical plan that would have forced seniors out of nursing homes; required them to drive up to 95 miles for routine medical care; and cut health care to women and children. He consistently refused to answer questions about the proposal when the Concord Monitor revealed its existence.

Buckley said John Stephen should begin by answering some of these questions:

What specific programs and spending would he cut from the state budget?

Local aid represents nearly 50 percent of the state budget, would he cut local aid?

Would he cut education funding to local communities? How and by how much?

Would he once again push for cutting New Hampshire's childrens' health insurance program?

Would he once again propose forcing seniors to drive up to 95 miles for routine health care treatments?
Would he propose the repeal of New Hampshire's gay marriage law? Would he sign a repeal of the law if he was governor?

Why does he oppose a woman's right to choose in all circumstances?

Does he support the New Hampshire and the federal minimum wage laws?

Does he support New Hampshire's W.A.R.N. Act?

Does he support New Hampshire's participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative?