OFA NH Director Tim Arsenault Statement on Checks Being Delivered to Senior Citizens to Close the Donut Hole

Concord- Organizing for America New Hampshire Director Tim Arsenault issued the following statement regarding the Administration sending $250 checks to senior citizens who have fallen into the Medicare donut hole:

“Less than three months after President Obama signed the historic Affordable Care Act, Americans are already beginning to feel the positive effects. Today, senior citizens across the country will be receiving $250 checks to help them pay for the high cost of prescription drugs incurred when they fall into the Medicare ‘donut hole’ gap. For too long, seniors have been left footing the bill for expensive medicine when their benefits run out. Under the law, the ‘donut hole’ will be phased out and completely closed in 2020. These checks represent much needed relief and just the first of many benefits to senior citizens coming from the comprehensive health insurance reform that President Obama and Democrats passed into law.

Also, under the guidance of President Obama, the Department of Health and Human Services has been tasked with cutting down waste and fraud in Medicare, saving the country billions in what had been frivolous spending. As more and more Americans begin to fully understand the immediate and lasting benefits of health reform, it is further proof that now is not the time to turn back from President Obama’s historic agenda to help middle class families and continue creating jobs.”

Other benefits that have already begun include health insurance companies forever ending the practice of ‘rescissions,’ when people would be cut off from benefits after becoming sick. In addition, young adults will now be able to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they are 26, giving thousands of graduating seniors security as they enter the job force.