- NH Rep. Steven Cunningham: "Cry for New Hampshire"

New Hampshire Representative Steven Cunningham writes in his June 10, 2010 column:

"Cry for New Hampshire."

"There is no budget in Concord, New Hampshire today. Only a bundle of lies and debt."

"Over a 1/3 billion dollar deficit next year in New Hampshire!"

"If these tricks are pulled again next year, look for a bankrupt state."

"Our state employees may lose part of their pensions, we may actually have to sell our state parks to developers, we may cut virtually all aid to the needy, we may do many things that we all find abhorrent."

"If the Republicans become the [next] majority party as expected, they inherit this headache. An intentional political ploy?"

"...about 30 Democrats, or about 15% of Democrats, could not stomach this budget. The vote to kill this bill was truly bipartisan, the vote that passed it, truly partisan."