Testerman For Governor - The Slithering of John Lynch

I made it official on Monday.  I was pleased to have a number of friends and supporters join me at the Secretary of State's office in the morning as I committed to making myself available to serve the people of New Hampshire as their Governor, should they choose me on September 14th.

I musTesterman signs up to be on the September  14 ballott prevail in the Republican primary.  After we accomplish that goal I will face incumbent Governor John Lynch.  You'll conclude from reading this email that I'm not very happy with the Governor.  I just found out that he spent the weekend last month cavorting with a horrible special interest group way out in Chicago.

New Hampshire needs a focused chief executive right now.  We don't need someone who is running around the country trying to appease special interest groups.  I hope you'll take a moment to read my comments about our slithering Governor.

Please remember that campaigns aren't won by a single person.  It takes a team.  Mine is forming.  And I need you to be a full participant.

I need you! Your participation will help me win. Please get involved in my winning campaign. Sign up, today!

The Slithering of John Lynch

Red EnvelopeJust as you missed the destruction by fire of an impressive collection at the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, May 15, you probably didn't catch Governor John Lynch's weekend away in Chicago.  While the citizens of New Hampshire fretted over grim economic news, corruption in high places and the freedom of speech our "good" Governor was enjoying a little R&R "where far eastern graciousness meets midwest hospitality."

This motto for the luxury Peninsula Hotel in Chicago, Illinois certainly fits.  It is where John Lynch went to huddle for the weekend at a top secret confab hosted by uber-liberal Colorado leftist, Tom Gill.  Most leaders avoid participating in secret gatherings with super rich people intent on influencing elections far from their homes.  Not John Lynch.

While the people of New Hampshire gathered with friends and family for fun and worship on the weekend of May 15 Governor Lynch was locking arms with three other Governors to discuss forcing the world's most controversial special interest agenda using the unyielding iron fist of government.

The Butantan Institute was host to the world's largest collection of snakes and spiders.  While the snake collection burned in Brazil that Saturday New Hampshire's Governor, tongue darting like a fire's flame, bragged of his recent success forcing their radical "gay" agenda in New Hampshire, and thereby providing encouragement to the gathered rich to continue their top secret crusade.

For more information about Governor Lynch's weekend away click here .

Working to win,
What People Are Saying...
It is my pleasure to endorse KAREN TESTERMAN for Governor in the Live-Free-Or-Die state of New Hampshire! I have known her for about 10 years. I first became acquainted with her in her role as founding director of Cornerstone Policy Research.

In that role, she worked tirelessly in defense of family values. I discovered that she was exceedingly knowledgeable about federal and state government, constitutional issues, and pending legislation within the State of New Hampshire. She proved over and over her love for this great state and her dedication to preserving and protecting the things which have made New Hampshire not only a great state, but also our long tradition of conservative and independent thinking.

I have also found that she is not a newcomer to politics; she never ceases to amaze me with the number of well known and respected national leaders she knows personally!

In 2008 Karen resigned from her role at Cornerstone for family reasons, yet she has not resigned from her interest in this Great state. Since 2008, I have had more opportunity to get to know Karen on a more personal and spiritual level. Karen has a solid faith in Jesus Christ and, while deeply interested in state politics, she is first committed to her savior.

I have found her a to be a woman of prayer, seeking guidance first on her knees! Please take a good look at Karen Testerman for Governor http://www.karentesterman.net, and please be sure to vote for her this election season!

Thank you,
Scott Boren
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