Truth in Accounting - Your Voice Needs to Be Heard

Truth in Accounting Urges You To Join In
The National Discussion on Our Federal Budget
Saturday, June 26 - Check Your Location for Times

Our national debt is projected to grow at an unsustainable rate if our country remains on its current course.  Our nation's leaders have decided that something needs to be done, but they need to hear from us and they are willing to listen.  It is time to come together as a country to make the tough choices that will ensure America's Future.

Join Americans at meeting halls across the country linked together by satellite and the internet to let them know what we think.  The National Town Meeting is our chance to learn about the issues, find common ground and present your priorities to leaders in Washington.*

Albuquerque, NM - Augusta, ME - Casper, WYChicago, IL - Columbia, SC - Dallas, TX - Des Moines, IA - Detroit, MI - Grand Forks, ND - Jackson, MS - Los Angeles, CA - Louisville, KY - Missoula, MT - Overland Park, KS - Philadelphia, PA - Portland, OR - Portsmouth, NH - Richmond, VA - Silicon Valley, CA

Register today!  Participation is free, but seating is limited.
Go to  or call toll free at 866-755-6263. 

* The priorities identified at the town meetings will be presented to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform