CHQ - The Year of the Conservative Woman

The Year of the Conservative Woman

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The Year of the Conservative Woman
American Thinker - Bruce Walker writes on a recent trend in American politics, to nominate conservative women to carry the standard in the Republican Party, and provides examples from this year's elections results to reinforce his point.  Walker says the move towards more female leadership in the conservative movement destroys the stereotype of conservative men that liberal feminists have been perpetuating for decades - and that it's really all about ideology, with gender having little or nothing to do with it.

Americans For Tax Reform: DISCLOSE Act Silences Speech -- Fifty other groups joined Americans For Tax Reform in opposing H.R. 5175, a resolution designed to increase government regulations on free speech, targeting individual members of organizations and bullying free enterprise while -- remarkably -- leaving labor unions exempt from such regulations.

Mitch Daniels: We need a "truce" on social issues to concentrate on our fiscal crisis
Hot Air - Indiana Gov. and potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitch Daniels has caused a stir with a comment he made recently in calling for a 'truce' on social issues in order to focus on America's economic mess before we decide on the larger cultural problems - and there are a good many in the conservative movement that aren't happy about it.  Daniels' comment along with the Tea Parties' focus on fiscal matters is forcing some soul searching amongst conservatives as to what must come first on our priority list.

Pro-lifer challenges Mitch Daniels on 'truce' stance
Washington Times - Family Research Council president Tony Perkins wasn't about to let Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels off the hook for his 'truce' remarks aimed at dampening social conservatives' issues - and some in the Republican Party are trying to make sure the two leaders come together to ensure unity in the GOP.  Perkins essentially argued that fiscal conservatism and support of the Pro-Life cause aren't mutually exclusive - and the vast majority of Republicans agree with that assessment.

Colorado's Jane Norton tries to avoid becoming the next Tea Party victim
The Hill (blog) - It's a scenario we've seen in many states this year - a Republican is tabbed by the establishment to run in the state primary with party backing, supposedly will coast to victory and then go into November's elections with momentum.  Unfortunately for those at the top of the GOP, it hasn't happened that way - and Colorado's John McCain-selected candidate (Jane Norton) is trying desperately to fend off the conservative grassroots that favors Ken Buck.

Tea party shaping Republican Party, fall faceoffs
Associated Press - Elections results thus far in 2010 show a decidedly prominent role for America's Tea Parties, and it's got the establishments of both major parties concerned.  Republicans are afraid that grassroots conservatives are going to take over the nominating levers of the Party, and Democrats are afraid that motivated conservative voters are going to kick all of their members out of office.

Nevada Senate: Angle 50%, Reid 39%
Rasmussen Reports - The first post-primary poll in Nevada has been released, and it appears that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is enjoying a bit of a bump off her impressive victory, as she leads Majority Leader Harry Reid by 11%.  Reid and the Democrats will no doubt unleash their all-out smear effort to try and brand Angle as out of the mainstream - and it will take a concerted effort by conservatives to help her fend off the attacks.

Haley touts surging poll numbers after primary win
CNN Political Ticker - South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley narrowly lost the outright Republican nomination on Tuesday, earning 49% of the vote - but a post-primary poll indicates she has a comfortable lead going into the runoff election in two weeks.  Haley has become known as the conservative favorite in the race and enjoys the backing of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Another Winner on Tuesday: The Palin Endorsement
Time - With the recent success of Gov. Sarah Palin's endorsements, many are wondering how she goes about choosing the candidates that she actually lends her name to - and for her part, Palin basically says it's a gut feeling as to who she'll support.  Palin's backing has proven value with the conservative grassroots, and although her record isn't perfect, she'll continue to make waves whenever she decides to call on a particular candidate.