US Senate candidate Jim Bender comments on White House lack of leadership on the Gulf Oil Spill

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate was featured in today’s Nashua Telegraph for his remarks on health care, the Gulf oil spill and Congressman Paul Hodes from the Republican US Senate candidate debate at Nashua City Hall last night and for the official filing of his candidacy for US Senate.

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On the Gulf Oil Spill:  Bender said that while small government is essential, there is a time when federal officials need to respond. He accused President Barack Obama of “squandering” the first six weeks after the spill occurred.

“Do you know he has still not had a conversation with the BP CEO? How is that possible?” Bender said. “If this were a Republican president, we’d already be talking about impeachment.”

On the Health Care Bill:   Health care Bender agreed, saying the bill was sold to the American public as a way to lower health care costs and increase access. But it will do neither, said the Hollis businessman.

“It was really about the federal government gaining greater control over all of your lives from cradle to grave,” he said. “Nobody read it, and nobody understands it.”

On Paul Hodes:  “One way or the other, one of us is going to take on Paul Hodes and beat him,” Bender said.

On Why He Is Running For US Senate:  Hollis businessman Jim Bender became the fourth and final, major GOP candidate for U.S. Senate to show up. Bender turned in petitions signed by 270 voters supporting his candidacy, the largest number submitted to date.

“Big government has trampled on the American dream,’’ Bender concluded. “The people I have spoken to around the state agree with my philosophy that our government is too big and wasteful and the lack of leadership and accountability in Washington must come to an end.”

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