Americans for Prosperity Applauds Guinta

Only First Congressional District to Sign No Climate Tax Pledge

Manchester – Conservative congressional candidate Frank Guinta was pleased to be recognized yesterday by Americans for Prosperity for being the only candidate for the First Congressional District to oppose increased taxation of the American people in the guise of environmental policy. According to campaign spokesman Sean Thomas, “At a time where the national economy remains hampered by high unemployment and trillion dollar deficits, and where the average New Hampshire resident is uncertain about the future, liberal Washington politicians like Nancy Pelosi and our own Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter are trying to pass legislation like cap-and-trade which will hike taxes and cost working families and small businesses money they don’t have. Instead of working to create jobs, Washington politicians like Shea-Porter are actually passing bills that will slow down economic growth, cost jobs and close family owned small businesses.”

“Frank Guinta signed the No Climate Tax Pledge ( because he does not believe that responsible environmental policy begins with taxing New Hampshire families and small businesses. Unfortunately no other candidate running for the First Congressional District has signed this pledge to date. We therefore challenge Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter as well as Frank Guinta’s Republican Primary opponents to review the AFP No Climate Tax Pledge and to sign it or to explain to the public why they believe that increased taxation in the face of a severe recession is the ‘responsible’ thing to do.”


Americans for Prosperity Applauds U.S. House Candidate Frank Guinta

-Signs No Climate Tax Pledge-

Windham—The New Hampshire chapter of the free market grassroots group Americans for Prosperity (AFP-NH) today applauded U.S. House candidate Frank Guinta (1st District) for signing the group’s “No Climate Tax Pledge.”  Guinta joins more than 525 bipartisan lawmakers and candidates on the federal, state and local levels pledging to “oppose legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.”

 “The one thing elected officials should be able to agree on is that global warming shouldn’t be used as an excuse to hike taxes on citizens and businesses,” said AFP-NH State Director Corey Lewandowski.  “We encourage all of New Hampshire’s elected officials and candidates for elected office to sign the pledge.”

New Hampshire signers include U.S. Senate candidates Kelly Ayotte, Jim Bender and Ovide Lamontagne; U.S. House candidate Jennifer Horn; State Senator Sheila Roberge; and State Representatives John Reagan, David Bates, Mary Griffin, Charles McMahon and Carol Vita.   

Cap-and-trade took its first step toward enactment last year when the U.S. House narrowly passed the Waxman-Markey energy tax bill, which escaped the lower chamber by a scant seven votes despite significant bipartisan opposition.  The U.S. Senate has struggled to pass companion legislation, with several key Democratic senators openly expressing opposition to attempting to pass the energy tax bill. 

President Obama has made no secret of his support for the bill, which would be the largest tax increase in American history.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has scored the House plan as an $846 billion increase in federal revenue, a burden that will be borne by taxpayers and consumers for decades to come.

 “Using the guise of climate change to transfer dollars from hard-working citizens to bureaucratic big government is unacceptable,” said Lewandowski. “Regardless of their stance on global warming, this should be common ground for all of our elected officials at all levels of government.”

The pledge is available online at  AFP does not endorse candidates.  All elected officials and candidates are encouraged to sign the pledge and go on the record in opposition to using the climate change issue to increase taxes and grow the size of government.

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