CHQ - Could Winning The House In 2010 Cost the GOP in 2012?

Could Winning The House In 2010 Cost the GOP in 2012?

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Could Winning The House In 2010 Cost the GOP in 2012?
Daily Caller - 2010 is shaping up to be a promising year for the Republican Party in federal elections, but the prospect of winning back the House has some in the GOP worried about a potential voter backlash heading into the presidential election of 2012.  Some fear (and based on recent history, justifiably so) that Republicans would be unwilling or unable to make the government spending cuts that voters want - and that would only increase conservatives' disillusionment with the GOP.

Cantor and McCarthy Join Others in Backing Tim Scott
National Review Online (blog) - Conservatives and Republicans are lining up to back Tim Scott in South Carolina's 1st district runoff election, with House GOP leaders Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy joining Sen. Jim DeMint and the Club for Growth in praising Scott.  The unique aspect of the contest is the fact that Scott, if successful, would be the first black Republican elected from the South since reconstruction - but thankfully, race has not been a factor in the campaign thus far.

GOP Missed Opportunity With Paul's Remarks
Washington Examiner - Gregory Kane writes of the opportunity the Republican Party missed in reacting to the remarks made by Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul on the Civil Rights Act.  Kane says Paul's comments provided the perfect chance for Republicans to point out that it's the Democratic Party that champions racial discrimination through affirmative action and various other forms of overt racial preferences.

Stutzman's Next Battle On Road To Washington
Indiana's NewsCenter - Marlin Stutzman drew the attention of national conservatives during his recent unsuccessful run for Indiana's GOP U.S. Senate nomination (which went to the Party establishment candidate, Dan Coats), but he's being given a 'second chance' to head to Washington as the Republican nominee from Indiana's 3rd congressional district (with the seat being vacated by the disgraced Rep. Mark Souder).  

Tea Party Favorite Clint Didier Fires Up Washington GOP Convention
Politics Daily (blog) - Former Washington Redskin Clint Didier has already spent a great deal of time in the nation's capital, but he's now running for the U.S. Senate from the state of Washington - and by the sound of the ovation he received at the state's GOP convention, he's a favorite of conservatives in the northwest.  Didier is running as the conservative outsider in the race, and says if he heads back to Washington D.C, he'll be 'taking heat' with him. 

Star Parker:  Can Republicans Win the Hispanic Vote?
World Net Daily - Star Parker looks at the future of the Republican Party from a demographic standpoint and says it doesn't look bright for the GOP unless it can make headway into the Hispanic population.  Parker argues the GOP can woo Hispanic conservative voters by presenting the stark contrast between Texas and California - both with large Hispanic populations, but headed in two different directions in terms of economic success and governmental philosophy.

Why Is Mitt Flattering Rudy?
American Spectator (blog) - Philip Klein notes the recent efforts from 2008 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to make amends with his former opponents, the latest being effusive praise for Rudy Giuliani in an op-ed on leadership qualities.  Klein says Romney was by far the most disliked candidate amongst his Republican rivals, and has spent much of the time since trying to heal any potential hurt feelings leftover from the campaign.