Mayor Ted Gatsas Statement of Support for Cam DeJong

Manchester, NH - June 14, 2010 - Republican Cam DeJong, candidate for State Representative in Manchester Ward 2, announced a statement of support from fellow ward 2 resident and Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.

"I'm supporting Cam DeJong for State Representative because I know that he's a fiscal conservative and he will fight for us in Concord to control spending.  Join me and vote for Cam DeJong on Election Day - he will represent us with honor and integrity." - Mayor and Ward 2 resident Ted Gatsas.

DeJong said he was honored by the support and respect from the mayor.

"I have worked hard articulating fiscal conservatism for several years in New Hampshire. It is a great honor to have earned the support of Mayor Gatsas," said DeJong.  "Mayor Gatsas has done a tremendous job in a variety of elected roles from alderman to mayor. I cannot say enough in appreciation for his support."

Cam DeJong is running on a platform that calls for cutting spending, ensuring choice in education, and respect for individual rights.

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