NRCC - More Shea-Porter Hypocrisy: Doors Closed to the Public, Open to Washington Lobbyists

Democrats Meet in Secrecy With K Street Lobbyists to Strategize Job-Killing, Big-Government Agenda

Washington- As the political battle for November intensifies for Democrats, one thing is for sure: Carol Shea-Porter is hiding. She hid from constituents back home in an effort to avoid town halls during recess, and she is hiding behind closed doors in Washington as Democrats meet with downtown lobbyists to discuss fundraising, messaging and campaign strategy in a desperate attempt to save her re-election.

At a dinner last Wednesday, lobbyists who are loyal to Pelosi met with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in private to strategize retaining the majority and expanding their unpopular message of a job-killing, budget-busting, special interest agenda to vulnerable Dems like Shea-Porter in their incumbent retention “Frontline” program. Just weeks after Democrats were caught avoiding town hall style meetings during Memorial Day recess, they have now been caught spending time with K Street lobbyists in secrecy rather than listening to their own constituents. As corruption and the lack of transparency muddy the waters for Democrats, it has become abundantly clear that Carol Shea-Porter cares more about her loyalty as a Pelosi puppet than the constituents she is supposed to represent.

As reported by the New York Times, Democrats hid from voters during Memorial Day recess and refused to hold unscripted town hall meetings at the warnings of Pelosi and her party leaders:

 “Of the 255 Democrats who make up the majority in the House, only a handful held town-hall-style forums as legislators spent last week at home in their districts. It was no scheduling accident... [M]any Democrats heeded the advice of party leaders and tried to avoid unscripted question-and-answer sessions. The recommendations were clear: hold events in controlled settings - a bank or credit union, for example - or tour local businesses or participate in community service projects.'” (Jeff Zeleny, “Democrats Skip Town Halls to Avoid Voter Rage,” New York Times, 06/06/10)

And just last Wednesday, Pelosi and her party loyalists met behind closed doors to discuss strategy for their job-killing, big-government agenda:

 “Lobbyists may be persona non grata on the campaign trail, but that hasn’t stopped the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from tapping K Street’s brain trust to try to retain the majority.

 “Facing a tough political cycle, the DCCC is redoubling its efforts to enlist K Streeters to help its most vulnerable “Frontline” program Members with fundraising, messaging and campaign strategy.” (Anna Palmer, “DCCC Seeking Savvy K Street Reinforcements,” Roll Call, 6/14/2010)

 “While the culture of hypocrisy muddies the Democrat party and the uphill battle until November intensifies, Carol Shea-Porter continues to turn her back on her constituents and prove her loyalty as a Pelosi puppet,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “From skipping town halls during recess to strategizing with K Street lobbyists in secret meetings, it is clear that vulnerable ‘Frontline’ Democrats like Shea-Porter are struggling to stay afloat in this election cycle and are putting party loyalty before the constituents they are supposed to represent. While Carol Shea-Porter continues to hide behind closed doors, voters are left wondering one thing: What happened to the transparency Democrats once promised?”