AFP -Send Reps. Grayson and Kosmas a Message This Saturday!

First it was the failed stimulus bill, then the bank and auto bailouts, then the health care takeover.   Next on Congress’s big government agenda: massive new gas taxes and skyrocketing utility bills from a cap and trade scheme.

Join Americans for Prosperity at one of our Chapter Kick-off rally in Orlando, FL this Saturday June 19 to send Congressman Grayson and Congresswoman Kosmas a message that November is Coming!

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Bring out your family and friends for great speakers, music & great give-aways.

Stand up and fight back!  

Let’s send Grayson and Kosmas a message that they needs to put a stop to this job-killing legislation or they’ll hear from us in November.

Apryl Marie Fogel
State Director
Americans for Prosperity