AJS - NH Attorney General Explains the Law to Trial Lawyer Kathy Sullivan

Alexandria, VA- Americans for Job Security applauds the decision of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office to dismiss the frivolous complaint filed by Kathy Sullivan.

The decision can be found at: http://doj.nh.gov/publications/nreleases2010/documents/061610jobs.pdf 

“AJS is pleased that the Attorney General’s office re-affirmed the right of national organizations such as ours to engage in issue advocacy in New Hampshire,” said Stephen DeMaura President of Americans for Job Security.

“Frivolous complaints like the one filed by Kathy Sullivan are nothing more than political stunts to chill free speech,” said DeMaura.

“And we hope that trial lawyer Kathy Sullivan will consider reimbursing the state for their costs associated in responding to her political stunts,” added DeMaura.

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