CHQ - The Original Mr. Anti-Establishment: Ronald Reagan

The Original Mr. Anti-Establishment: Ronald Reagan

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The Original Mr. Anti-Establishment: Ronald Reagan
American Spectator - With all the talk of candidates running against the 'establishment' these days, Jeffrey Lord takes a look back at the man he calls the 'original' Mr. anti-establishment, Ronald Reagan.  Lord details that various fights that Reagan waged against the entrenched forces of political power from his home in California all the way to Washington, and compares Reagan's battles to those going on right now with conservative candidates such as Nevada's Sharron Angle.

GOP Makes Last Minute Bid to Derail DISCLOSE Act -- After House Democrats brokered a deal with the National Rifle Association to exempt the gun-rights group from speech restrictions, conservatives are closing ranks to kill the "crony capitalism" of the Left, asking the U.S. Supreme Court Citizens United ruling on free speech to stand while fighting back against the DISCLOSE Act's loopholes allowing corporate PACs from organizations such as BP, Fannie Mae, and Goldman Sachs to pour into Democratic coffers.

Some Advice for the Tea Party: Take Your Time and Learn from Your Mistakes
American Thinker - Larrey Anderson writes that the Tea Party movement in its infancy has made a good many mistakes and offers up the somewhat weak challenge to his RINO congressman in Idaho as an example of how Tea Partiers need to improve their political skills if they want to truly affect change in Washington.  To that end, Anderson offers several bits of advice for Tea Partiers and conservatives for the future, and says it will take at least two more election cycles (after November) to effectively change the GOP.

Harry Reid's strategy, and Sharron Angle's path to victory
Washington Post - Marc Thiessen previews the strategy that Harry Reid will attempt to employ against Republican Sharron Angle - a smear campaign aimed at peeling off enough conservative votes (for third party candidates) to give him a narrow plurality in Nevada, which would send him back to Washington for another six years.  Thiessen says Angle's counter-strategy should be simple:  to keep voters' focus on the extremely unpopular Reid and therefore avoid the type of 'upset' that may allow him to prevail.

Huckabee:  Morality Affects Our Economy -- Gov. Mike Huckabee was perhaps the most controversial candidate in the 2008 GOP presidential race because the conservative movement was deeply divided over whether he was truly a principled conservative on all the core issues of concern - and it appears that Gov. Mitch Daniels' 'truce' comment has re-opened the debate over Huckabee.  Here, Huckabee responds a second time to Daniels, arguing that the social concerns of Values Voters are far more important than they're given credence by the GOP establishment - and that social issues cannot be sacrificed for political expediency.

Pro-Life and Pro-Woman: Sarah Palin's Case for Authentic Feminism
Politics Daily (blog) - Pro-Life leader Marjorie Dannenfelser answers the assertion from a liberal (Frances Tobin) that Gov. Sarah Palin has been distorting the true meaning of 'feminism,' arguing that Palin and other Pro-Life conservative women are certainly closer to being real protectors of feminist tradition than the liberal side.  Dannenfelser believes the liberals should be applauding women like Palin who are advancing the power of 'feminism' in politics rather than condemning them.

Sarah Palin visiting Margaret Thatcher
Politico - Gov. Sarah Palin often cites former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in speeches, and now it looks like she'll be able to meet with Thatcher in person during an upcoming Palin visit to London.  

Mitch McConnell: Democrats need to get real about spending
Washington Examiner - Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell takes to the op-ed page to make his case that Democrats are being unrealistic on spending, arguing that a much greater focus should be devoted to trying to reduce the federal deficit.  McConnell lays out the problems we face but fails to provide any examples of what should be cut - and if Republicans are going to regain credibility with conservatives, they'd better start offering specific solutions.