Horn For Congress - Say NO to Cap and Trade!

After nearly 60 days with very little progress and practically no leadership on the BP oil spill, President Obama will address the nation form the Oval Office.

One thing is nearly certain: the President is going to use this avoidable tragedy to press forward with CAP AND TRADE.

As we all know, Cap and Trade is an economic disaster that will crush opportunity and destroy millions of jobs.

Unfortunately, some Republicans support CAP AND TRADE. Our own former Congressman Charlie Bass was an early sponsor of cap and trade legislation.

We all know this is the wrong approach. We can not afford to go back and we can not afford to send someone to Washington who supports this jobs-killing legislation. Big spending, big government, cap-and-trade Republicans are no better than big spending, big government, cap-and-trade Democrats.

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Say no Cap and Trade. Say yes to an economy that allows for long-term economic  stability for all.
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