Karger For President - Fred Rides in L. A. Gay Pride Parade

25,000 Fred Who? Cards and Stickers Distributed!!!

Sunday was a great day.  I rode in the 41st Annual Gay Pride Parade down Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  We were the 9th car in the parade, directly behind California Assembly Speaker John Perez.  I was the only Republican in the entire parade.  Oh, well, next year maybe there will be more.

I had a team of friends helping out.  All wore Fred Who? T-shirts and tank tops and walked along the car.  These dedicated friends handed out 25,000 Fred Who? Cards along the parade route, which directed people to our brand new and improved web site:  www.fredkarger.com (more on the official launch soon).  The site got so many hits yesterday, it was slow-going. 

Now would be the time to visit the site, even before it goes public, because you will really have fun exploring  wwwfredkarger.com

Special thanks to all who helped out yesterday.  It was a very fun and exciting day!

Here are some of the photos, thanks to Santiago Bisso: 

Leading the way with the jumbo banner, Melanie and Craig
Everyone loves a Parade. 400,000 people attended Pride and the Parade in West Hollywood Sunday
With Brian at the wheel, we had a great ride down Santa Monica Blvd.
We were car #9 right behind the Speaker of the California Assembly, John Perez
Sonny, Andrew, Craig, Shane, Brian, Alex, Fred, Kevin, Stefano, Melanie, Travis and Gustavo
(Missing, Michael).  Thank you everybody!!!
Then off to the parties we went.  Here are the chefs at Chad Hudson's party on the roof 
of the incredible Palihouse.  Lovin' those Fred Who? stickers.
Palihouse was packed.  Making new friends, and spreading Fred Who? stickers all around.
Next stop, New York Pride March on Sunday, June 27th at noon.  Anyone interested in marching with us there, please contact Kevin at:  kminiter@gmail.com
Fred Karger
21st Century Thought