Bass Signs AFP's Anti-Tax Pledge

 Bass Voted More Than 60 Times in Congress to Cut Taxes


Concord, NH- Peterborough Republican Charlie Bass joined Americans for Prosperity officials and other candidates in Concord today to sign AFP-NH’s Anti-Tax Pledge.   Bass is running for Congress in New Hampshire’s 2nd District.

At the signing event, Bass stated, “People are angry because Washington’s spending is out of control.  They are angry about President Obama and the Democrat Congress raising taxes by nearly $700 billion over the last eighteen months – and sticking our children with the tab for trillions of dollars in new spending.  On ‘Tax Day’ in April, I was proud to sign the Americans for Tax Reform ‘Taxpayer Protection Pledge,’ to vote against any tax increases.  I am proud to sign the Americans for Prosperity tax pledge today – and I can tell you with certainty that any one of the candidates here for the 2nd District would do a better job fighting taxes than either Anne Kuster or Katrina Swett.”

Bass continued, “While pledges are important, a candidate’s actual voting record is the best indicator of how he or she will act once elected.   My record on fighting taxes and cutting spending is clear.  In Congress, I have voted more than sixty times to cut taxes, including votes in 2001 and 2003 to cut income taxes across the board.  I supported permanently eliminating the estate, or ‘death’ tax.  And I fought to extend lower tax rates for small businesses on capital gains, dividends and expenses.”