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Crony Freedom

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Crony Freedom
American Thinker -- Is free speech open to the highest bidder?  The National Rifle Association's recently cut deal with House Democrats  on the DISCLOSE Act's attack on free speech warns such "crony freedom" could become the new norm in Washington, as Mark Fitzgibbons explains. 

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Joseph Farah:  Don't Misread the Tea Leaves
World Net Daily - Joseph Farah thinks that the Tea Party movement is concerned about much more than mere fiscal matters - it's a broad based collection of Americans that are concerned about the very fabric of the country and the fact that many have forgotten what's right and wrong.  Farah says solving economic matters alone will not fix what's wrong with our country - we need a spiritual and moral reawakening just as badly.

Conservative Women's Groups Flex Muscle
Politico - With 2010 increasingly being seen as the 'year of the conservative woman,' conservative women's groups are doing their part to advance conservative women as candidates and to move their female-targeted agenda in Congress and in state legislatures.  The numbers don't lie:  women's groups have greatly increased their PAC support of candidates and the number of women running for office has increased significantly since Gov. Sarah Palin took the national stage as the GOP's vice presidential candidate in 2008.

GOP Defeats Death By Diversifying
Washington Examiner - Columnist Noemie Emery writes of the Republican Party's newfound 'diversity,' with female and minority candidates helping to deepen the Party's demographic pool in elections across the country.  Emery says the GOP's new 'diversity' is unlike the Democrats, however, since it's ideologically driven as opposed to focusing on victimization - and that's given the Party new life and the hint of a future with America's growing minority populations.

Mitch Daniels Says 'A Scrap Coming' Between States and Feds on ObamaCare
Daily Caller - His recent controversial 'truce' comment aside, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels gets people listening when he talks about government spending, and Daniels says that states and the federal government are heading for a 'scrap' over Obamacare in the not-so-distant future.  Daniels says the states are still looking at the impact that the federal law will have on state finances, and thus far it looks like a fiscal train wreck waiting to happen.

Pat Buchanan:  Bailouts for the Political Class?
American Conservative - Pat Buchanan writes on the most recent bailout request from the Obama Administration, a proposal to borrow another $50 billion to 'save' state and local governments from having to make hard budget choices and trim their fat.  Buchanan says it's only natural that Democrats want to prevent public employees from being laid off or to have to take a cut in benefits - because government workers are their Party's core constituency.

Tea Party Express Backs Outsider in Utah Senate Race
Washington Post (blog) - Many credit the endorsement from the Tea Party Express for vaulting Nevada's Sharron Angle into her surprising victory last week, and now the grassroots conservative group is trying to help another western outsider U.S. Senate candidate:  Utah's Mike Lee.  Lee is favored by Sen. Jim DeMint's Senate Conservatives Fund as well as Erick Erickson at - and he's now seen as the 'real' conservative in the race to replace ousted Sen. Bob 'bailout' Bennett.

Nevada's Angle Shuns Spotlight, Impresses Colleagues
FOX News (blog) - Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle has certainly become a national political celebrity in the week since her big primary win, and she's used her sudden higher profile to start gearing up for a tough campaign against nasty liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Angle is making a visit to Washington this week where she's had the chance to meet with the Republican Senate caucus - and all seemed to be very impressed with her.

McMaster Endorses Haley in South Carolina Governor's Race
Associated Press - South Carolina's Republican establishment would have you believe that everyone within the Party (except for the voters, of course) was against the candidacy of Nikki Haley, but now the third place finisher in the race (state Attorney General Henry McMaster) has come out in favor of Haley, the true conservative in the contest.