Rick Olson For State Rep - A Pledge for Responsible Government

Rick Olson for N.H. State Representative
 District 12 - Ward 5  Manchester

Dear Friends and Family:

Americans for Prosperity Held a Press conference yesterday in Concord inviting all seeking elective office to sign an Anti-Tax Pledge. As a candidate for District 12 State Rep, I joined with Tom Thompson (Son of late former Governor Mel Thompson) and signed the pledge. The Pledge states:

As a candidate for public office in New Hampshire, I pledge to you, that if elected to serve the people, I will work tirelessly to:
  1. Cut Taxes and Fees (Oppose a Sales and/or Income Tax)
  2. Cut Spending
  3. Cut the size of Government
  4. Uphold both the New Hampshire and United States Constitution.
I made this commitment publicly, willingly and enthusiastically. I believe any government that ignores the people it serves is a BAD GOVERNMENT. Limited Government, lower taxes and a responsible state budget is the key to New Hampshire prosperity. 

Highest Regards, 


Rick Olson for N.H. State Rep
District 12 - Ward 5 Manchester