CHQ - Congress is Silencing Free Speech -- AGAIN

Congress is Silencing Free Speech -- AGAIN

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Congress is Silencing Free Speech -- AGAIN
Washington Post -- First Amendment firebrand and NRA board member Cleta Mitchell blasts the DISCLOSE Act and the NRA as participating in a scheme to eradicate disfavored speech, placing onerous requirements on grassroots organizations and using a regulatory federal maze to chill or even discourage free speech in America.

Shirley: Carter-astrophe in the Gulf
Washington Times -- Unsteady incumbents have a terribly bad habit of blaming outsiders for their failed leadership.  Craig Shirley examines how Barack Obama's mishandling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico mimics Jimmy Carter's mishandling of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, adding to a long litany of failed statesmen more concerned with politics than good governance.

Big Charities Lobbying for Bigger Government
S.F. Examiner -- Donors to big charities such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation may be surprised about the atrocious big-government legislation supported by those charities, often times at odds with their public image, as Timothy Carney explains.

Dick Armey slams George W. Bush presidency
Houston Chronicle - With the emerging disaster that is the Obama presidency, some in the Republican Party are trying hard to resurrect the image of George W. Bush as a president who led during the good times - but not former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.  Armey went out of his way to remind conservatives that it was Bush who is responsible for the deplorable state of the GOP today - and that Bush did not embody the values that once made the Republican Party great.

Angle Must Be a Good Conservative... the GOP Establishment is Attacking Her
Politico - Voters are saying they don't support establishment Republicans, and if they don't become more like Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, and others standing for principle, the next bell they hear will be tolling for them.  Perhaps Lisa Murkowski is beginning to hear the bells toll for her?

Why Won't McConnell Campaign Against Reid?
CQ Politics - America is angry about the insider, self-dealing part of politics.  After trillions of dollars in debt, a health care entitlement pushing America to the brink of insolvency, and an teetering economy, Senate GOP Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is choosing "decorum" over principle -- vowing not to take the fight to entrenched liberal Sen. Harry Reid.

An Inconvenient Truth: Bob Bennett and Tim Bridgewater Together - Erick Erickson blogs on the Utah GOP U.S. Senate race, where even the runoff election appears to be coming down to a contest between true conservatives and the Republican Party establishment.  Erickson talks of a 'deal' that was struck between outgoing Sen. Bob 'bailout' Bennett to support Tim Bridgewater (and hence, the establishment pick), whereas principled conservatives are increasingly lining up behind Mike Lee.

Karl Rove: 'Values voters' expect value for their votes - Karl Rove may not be a principled conservative, but he knows politics -- and he's right on one point in particular:  if Republicans don't champion the concerns of Evangelical Christian 'values voters,' then they won't support the Party at the polls.  Rove says congressional Republicans weren't paying attention to social issues when they had the majority, which contributed to their losses in the 2006 elections.

72% of GOP Voters Say Republicans In Congress Out of Touch With Their Base
Rasmussen Reports - Despite all the reassurances from congressional Republican leaders that they've 'rediscovered' Constitution-based conservative values, the Party's voters don't appear to be going along with them.  A recent Rasmussen Reports survey found that 72% of Republicans believe that GOP congressmen are out of touch with their values.  Polls are also showing that Republicans stand to make big gains in this year's elections, but conservatives are not at all sure that it will mean better government as a result.  

Can Sarah Palin style herself as Thatcher's second coming?
The Guardian (UK) - Gov. Sarah Palin will soon be visiting with former British Prime Minister and Ronald Reagan friend Margaret Thatcher, and here's one British commentator (Claire Berlinski) who thinks that Palin could stand to learn a few things from Thatcher.  It's clear that Palin has a long way to go before she's as effective in articulating conservatism as Margaret Thatcher - and we can only hope some of the Iron Lady's unique personal charisma rubs off on her.

Conservatives take helm of Franklin County's Republican Party
Chambersburg Public Opinion (PA) - You won't hear much about it on the evening news, but these types of local struggles will ultimately decide the direction of the Republican Party - and here's a look at how local conservatives were able to take over the leadership of the Franklin County (PA) GOP.