Guinta Signs Americans for Prosperity Anti-Tax Pledge


Candidate Also Recently Praised for Anti-Climate Tax Stance

Concord – Conservative congressional candidate Frank Guinta was among signatories of an anti-tax pledge sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Despite a faltering economic recovery and nearly double digit unemployment, Washington politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New Hampshire’s own Carol Shea-Porter are still trying to raise taxes on a public that cannot afford to pay them. After signing the pledge, Guinta stated, “People are fed up with what is going on in Washington. Our government continues to recklessly spend our money and to run up huge deficits in the name of the people. I am running for office because Carol Shea-Porter (NH-1) is not fighting for New Hampshire values like limited spending, low taxation and small government. If I am given the chance to go to Washington in November, I will oppose all tax increases and will help to stop deficit spending because I have been listening to the people of the First Congressional District.”

Earlier in the week, Guinta was praised by this same group for being the first candidate for the First Congressional District to oppose increased taxation of the American people in the guise of environmental policy. Guinta signed the No Climate Tax Pledge ( because, “he does not believe that responsible environmental policy begins with taxing New Hampshire’s families and small businesses,” said Guinta spokesman Sean Thomas. As of today, neither Sean Mahoney nor Carol Shea-Porter has signed this pledge. “It makes you wonder why they haven’t,” said Thomas.

Guinta is the front-running Republican challenger to Shea-Porter. He is the former Mayor of Manchester, the largest city in the State of New Hampshire and has built a record of anti-spending/anti-taxation during his tenure at City Hall.