Ayotte For US Senate - Kelly's Campaign Bulletin

Kelly In The News
Kelly has been featured prominently in two recent major stories focusing on Republican women from across the country running for office this year.
She was featured on the cover of last Sunday’s Boston Globe, talking about how she’s ready to shake up Washington:
“It’s time for a new generation of conservative leaders,’’ said Kelly Ayotte, a former New Hampshire attorney general running for the GOP nomination for US Senate. “We need reform in Washington. Look at what the good old boys network has gotten us.’’

Kelly is also included in a May 20 US News & World Report story that takes a look at women candidates who are new to politics:
“Kelly Ayotte is a prosecutor appointed by both Republican and Democratic governors to serve as New Hampshire's nonelective attorney general. Now she's running for the Senate seat being vacated by Judd Gregg, as a nonprofessional pol. ‘Watching our country go way off track last year, I realized that our elected leaders were more concerned with their own self-interest than doing what's right,’ she says. ‘As the mother of two young children, I couldn't stand by and see their future jeopardized by out-of-control spending in Washington.’”

Sounds like observers from outside New Hampshire are catching on to what we already know: Kelly represents the next generation of conservative leadership!

Kelly’s Signs Anti-Tax Pledge, Calls On Paul Hodes To Join Her

Kelly was first in line on Wednesday in Concord to sign Americans for Prosperity’s anti-tax pledge.
The non-partisan pledge is based on former Governor Meldrim Thomson’s famous no tax pledge. By signing her name, Kelly reaffirmed her commitment to cutting taxes and fees, cutting spending, cutting the size of government, and upholding the Constitution.
“With $13 trillion in federal debt, we need to stop the out of control spending in Washington. We need to stop the bailouts and we need to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment,” she said.
Kelly also issued a challenge to Paul Hodes to join her in signing AFP’s pledge.
“Paul Hodes needs to join me in making a firm commitment to cutting spending. He’s a major player in Washington’s bailout culture, voting for wasteful spending every chance he gets. Hodes should sign this common sense, non-partisan commitment to slashing spending, cutting taxes and making government smaller,” she said.
We’ll let you know if he decides to change course and make the same commitment Kelly has…

Kelly On The Trail
Kelly campaigns in Nashua today, participating in a ribbon cutting for Dalianis House – a facility for veterans in the Gate City.
Tomorrow, she looks forward to attending the VFW State Convention in Gorham before traveling to Salem for the Relay for Life, followed by a house party.

Kelly To Paul Hodes: No More Deficit Spending
Like you, we were shocked to see the President’s outrageous call last week for more stimulus spending. Not only has the program not delivered the jobs Democrats promised, but nearly $400 billion in stimulus funds remain unspent!
As you know, Kelly believes we need to end the stimulus and use the remaining funds to reduce our deficit and debt. She also delivered a simple message this week to Paul Hodes: “Stop.”
“We don’t have the luxury of wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars on more stimulus spending that we know won’t jumpstart our economy. It’s time to stop the original stimulus package and use the leftover funds to pay down our burgeoning national debt.”
She continued: “Paul Hodes needs to make a firm commitment to voting against any spending initiatives that add to our already skyrocketing deficits. He needs to join me in saying ‘stop.’”
Since Hodes was elected to Congress in 2006, the annual budget has grown from $2.65 trillion to $3.99 trillion, an eye popping 50 percent increase in three years. During his time in office, the annual deficit has gone from $248 billion to $1.56 trillion, a staggering 525 percent increase. And our national debt has climbed from $8.4 trillion to more than $13 trillion.
In addition to ending the stimulus and using leftover funds to reduce the debt, Kelly will also stop over-spending in Washington by eliminating earmarks, discontinuing wasteful federal programs and passing a balanced budget amendment.

Join Kelly In Her Fight!
88 days. That’s how close we are to primary day.
Kelly needs your help to win this election and take back Washington. The stakes are too high for anyone to sit on the sidelines – Kelly needs your help now.
To find out how you can volunteer, please email us right away – today if possible – at Volunteer@Ayotteforsenate.com. Or call our headquarters at 232-1162.