CHQ - The NRA's Deal With The Devil

The NRA's Deal With The Devil

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The NRA's Deal With The Devil
American Thinker - Mark Fitzgibbons criticizes how the NRA mishandled the controversy of a deal brokered between it and congressional Democrats that violates the rights of all Americans. He writes, "Congressional Democrats and the NRA are doing what is categorically unacceptable, which is playing crony politics with the Bill of Rights and our freedoms."

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Groups Condemn DISCLOSE Act - Conservative free speech advocates take on the DISCLOSE Act, which would place unconstitutional limitations on free speech an exclude millions of individuals from the political process through federal regulation. 

Tea Party Groups Call for Sponsors to Drop MSNBC's "Hardball"
Daily Caller - Chris Matthews of MSNBC's "Hardball" has issued his latest politcal screed targeting the Tea Party movement, depicting them as ignorant, racist, and extremists who advocate armed violence. Tea Party groups are calling for MSNBC sponsors to pull their support of Matthews' outrageous and outright untruthful attacks.

Tea Party Documentary: When Was The Last Time Chris Matthews Did Anything Worthwhile?
Washington Examiner - Mark Hemingway says Matthews' work was so full of biased sources and false comparisons that its integrity was gone literally from the start, and it eventually will find its place in the trash heap of liberal propaganda where it belongs.

Sharron Angle Responds to Anti-Conservative Mudslinging
Las Vegas Review-Journal - Sharron Angle is back in Nevada, stepping up her defense of limited government as well as keeping the focus in the race where it should be - on arch-liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid and his role in moving the Obama agenda.

Mitch Daniels: Governing by the Numbers
BusinessWeek - Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels' governing style is getting his state recognized as a model for effective government.  Daniels is using his experience as a private sector business leader to run Indiana like a private company (in a lot of respects) - and it's no mystery why Indiana has been spared many of the budgetary imbalances found in most other states.

Tea Party Remaking Local GOP - For those looking for evidence on how Tea Parties can influence and change the leadership of local Republican Party operations, look only to the situation in Southwestern Ohio, where Tea Parties have infiltrated the GOP infrastructure and are beginning to make changes.  Ohio Tea Partiers would admit that they've won only a partial victory, but it's a very promising start for the grassroots organizations that have been in existence for just a short time.