CHQ - Ginni Thomas: Will It Be Action or Complacency?

Ginni Thomas: Will It Be Action or Complacency?

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Ginni Thomas: Will It Be Action or Complacency?
Liberty Central -- Ginni Thomas' new effort to provide a public square for liberty is taking off -- with over 45,000 visitors, 160,000 page views and over 7,000 taking the "Pledge to Activism" designed to take energy felt in pro-liberty protests and put them to work in the political arena.

Senate Should Reject Kagan Nominiation
Human Events - Kevin Gutzman writes that it's not only the Senate's job to question Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan thoroughly, it's their duty to reject her because she's simply not qualified.  Gutzman says Kagan's own views on the Senate's 'advise and consent' role would logically lead to his conclusion.

Alabama Foes Trade Barbs in GOP Primary
Washington Times - Voters in Alabama and Mississippi will go to the polls today to determine the GOP nominees in two conservative districts that should belong to conservative candidates.  Alabama's 2nd district's voters will determine the fate of party-switching Rep. Parker Griffith, who is being challenged by two candidates who claim they're more conservative - and in Mississippi's 1st district, several candidates are vying for the chance to take on freshman Democratic Rep. Travis Childers in November.

POLL: Tea Party Surge Continues for Sharron Angle
News Blaze - The buzz surrounding the race in Nevada for the right to take on Harry Reid in November concerns the fact that Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle has caught establishment-backed Sue Lowden in the Republican contest.  The numbers alone don't show the completeness of Angle's surge, however, as the Tea Party Express has compiled a chart detailing Angle's recent polling success - and when seen in that light, Angle's rise is even more remarkable.

GOP Hopefuls Sprint to Finish in Nevada
Las Vegas Review-Journal - With polls showing a close three-way race for the Nevada GOP U.S. Senate nomination, the candidates are pushing hard to shore up their supporters and swing undecided voters their way in the final week before the election.  Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle is seen as the most experienced and effective campaigner of the three - and she's got a motivated grassroots army on her side as well.

DeVore, Fiorina Actively Court 'Tea Party' Vote
Los Angeles Times - It's down to the final days in California's GOP U.S. Senate race, and it's clear from this snapshot of the state's conservative grassroots Tea Partiers that they're torn between two candidates - the Sarah Palin supported 'safe' candidate, Carly Fiorina, and what many view as the 'real' conservative in the contest, Chuck DeVore.  DeVore has worked hard to court the members of the loosely affiliated Tea Parties, and there's only a week left before we find out if his efforts have borne fruit.

The Electability Argument and the California Senate Race
Washington Post (blog) - A common tactic used by liberals to try and scare conservatives into voting for liberal Republicans in primaries is to claim that only liberals can win in places like California, where conservatives are itching to find someone to defeat Sen. Barbara Boxer.  Recent polls show that conservatives aren't buying the 'electability' argument this time around, however, as RINO Tom Campbell is sinking quickly and showing no signs of making a comeback.

Sarah Palin and the Multitude of Dummies
American Thinker - Stuart Schwartz writes of the continuing contempt of America's elites towards 'us,' the American public, and argues that the ruling class hates Sarah Palin so passionately because she represents common people and everything else they despise.  Schwartz holds up Harvard University as a shining example of how the elites have devolved, championing the likes of Ted Kennedy and Leo Steinberg (where they once honored the Founding Fathers) - and then they wonder why the masses are so unhappy with them. 

Poll of Key Primary States Shows No Clear Leader for GOP Nod
The Hill (blog) - The 2012 GOP presidential race promises to be a spirited contest, and if early polls in crucial primary states are any indication, it'll be wide-open as well.  Polls in Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan show three different leaders - and that's not even taking into account potential candidates who could enter the race later on.