Manuse For State Rep - Derry Candidate Proposes Common Sense Agenda for New Hampshire

Manuse files for state representative office, releases campaign Web site

DERRY, N.H.—Andrew J. Manuse, a husband, father, small business owner and Derry Republican, released his campaign Web site ( on Wednesday, June 2, the same day he will officially file his candidacy for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Manuse, who moved to Derry with his wife and daughter three years ago, is running for office to reverse the government-knows-best attitude Democrats have brought to New Hampshire and to restore common sense; namely, the principles of limited government, individual liberty and personal responsibility that the state and the nation were founded on.

“Individuals, families and small business owners know how to run their lives and spend their hard-earned dollars better than the elected officials and bureaucrats in Concord,” Manuse said. “I’m not running for office so I can make new rules that I wouldn’t live by myself or so I can take more of your money to fund an ever-growing government. I'm asking for your vote so I can restore common sense to New Hampshire—to help you keep your money and make your own decisions."

On his Web site,, Manuse outlines five core priorities dubbed “Common Sense for New Hampshire” that he will work to achieve in Concord. Manuse promises to promote jobs and economic opportunity, fix health care in New Hampshire, protect the rights of parents, ensure individual safety and secure individual liberty. Contrary to most political Web sites that use buzz words and talking points that voters want to hear, Manuse outlines what each of his common sense ideas mean in detail to give voters a true sense of his principles and intentions.

“The days of politicians misleading constituents is over,” Manuse said. “I am confident that Derry residents will be refreshed by a candidate who honestly outlines his intentions, then goes to Concord and works to fulfill them.”

Manuse also invites Derry residents to get to know him better through his Web site’s “Meet Andrew” page and his regular Facebook page updates (“Andrew J. Manuse for State Representative from Derry”).

About Andrew J. Manuse
Andrew J. Manuse of Derry, a Republican candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives for Rockingham County’s fifth district, is a husband, father and owner of a successful media services business that works with like-minded candidates, political action committees, think tanks and businesses to promote a liberty-conscious, prosperous way of life in the state of New Hampshire. Manuse is a strong proponent of limited and accountable state government, spending and tax cuts, self-reliance, and personal responsibility.