US Senate candidate Jim Bender featured in The HILL'S campaign blog, Portsmouth Herald, The Hampton Union and The Keene Sentinel

Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate was featured in Friday’s Portsmouth Herald and The Hampton Union for his remarks about new government fishing regulations that are hurting fishermen on the New Hampshire Seacoast.  Jim’s statement about Kelly Ayotte’s testimony regarding the Financial Resources Mortgage ponzi scheme was picked up by The HILL’S campaign blog and the Keene Sentinel covered the Republican US Senate debate in Keene last Wednesday night.

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On Government Fishing Regulations:

Bender likened the Skymate system to a prison ankle bracelet and the government regulations to "Big Brother."

"You guys have got to be so frustrated. It's a system set up to destroy your livelihood," he said.

These over-the-top regulations aren't just hitting the fishing industry, Bender said, but every industry.

"Every single industry is being regulated into destruction," he said. "We've got to reign in government, certainly government spending and regulations. The American government is taking away American liberties at an alarming rate." Click here to read the story in the Portsmouth Herald On Kelly Ayotte’s testimony regarding the FRM ponzi scheme:   “True leaders don’t let their hands get tied. They protect the people they serve, they seek truth and they push obstacles out of the way,” Bender said. Click here to read the story in The HILL'S campaign blog

Jim on Healthcare: “Our health care fight really emphasized a lot of problems. The Congress and president seemed hell-bent on passing this legislation over and against the will of the people.”

Jim on Overregulation: Bender also spoke of the government’s role, calling it oppressive in the way it uses taxation, regulation and litigation.

“Our government doesn’t exactly have a good track record of things it’s been taking over,” he said. “Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all bankrupt.”

Jim on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: “They’ve certainly shown that they do not know how to manage the crisis,” he said.  He also called the president’s appointment of various czars to oversee government policies unconstitutional, and he advocated for removing a number of presidential Cabinet positions, including those in charge of education, energy and agriculture.

Click here to read the story in the Keene Sentinel