CHQ - FedUp PAC Endorses Mike Lee and Nikki Haley in Tuesday Run-offs

FedUp PAC Endorses Mike Lee and Nikki Haley in Tuesday Run-offs

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FedUp PAC Endorses Mike Lee and Nikki Haley in Tuesday Run-offs -- FedUp PAC, whose founder and Chairman is Richard A. Viguerie, announced today its endorsement of Mike Lee in the Utah Senate Republican run-off, and Nikki Haley in the South Carolina Republican governor run-off.

Mike Pence and the Winning Back of America
American Thinker - Ed Lasky lays out a multitude of problems besetting America and then offers the answer in the form of Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, the third most powerful Republican in the House and a conservative who's been fighting the good fight for years.  Lasky says Pence has been in the forefront of proposing limited government solutions to complex issues as well as a leader in the fight against the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda - and all we need to do now is get the word out on Pence and his promising future.

Gallup: GOP Enthusiasm At All-Time High
Gallup -- 59% of Republicans and independents are ready for 2010's midterm elections, an average 17 points higher than the Republican tsunami which saw Congress switch hands in 1994.

DISCLOSE Act Shields Democrat-Leaning Groups From Disclosure Requirements
Daily Caller - With arch-liberal Sen. Chuck Schumer as its chief proponent in the Senate, you had to figure that the anti-free speech DISCLOSE Act would be chockfull of exceptions for Left-leaning Democratic Party supporters - and it is.  Not only would many liberal groups be exempt from the bill's harsh requirements, the language of the law is intentionally vague and confusing so as to make sure federal courts would not be able to handle challenges before the damage was already done.

Ten Conservative Bloggers the Times and Post Should Get to Know
Politics Daily - Matt Lewis takes the New York Times and Washington Post to task for their overt neglect of the conservative point-of-view in hiring bloggers - and provides a short-list of conservatives who might help them offer more balanced political coverage if they were so inclined to provide it.  Lewis provides ten names and short descriptions of the conservative bloggers he recommends, but says he could easily name a hundred that have been out there establishing credibility in their reporting.

The NRSC's At It Again in Colorado - Erick Erickson blogs on the continuing shenanigans of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which has a nasty habit of favoring candidates in state primaries that the local conservative grassroots just won't support.  As an example, Erickson says the NRSC is going out of its way in Colorado to aid its 'favorite' in the GOP race, Jane Norton - but polls are showing that the state's conservatives like Ken Buck instead.

A Comprehensive History Of Charlie Crist's Flips
Hotline On Call - Everyone knows that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is the consummate opportunist politician - but a close look at his record proves that he changes positions faster and more often than most people could even fathom.  Here's an in-depth examination of the many issue positions Crist has switched since he first ran for office in the 90's - and it makes it even sadder to note that the national Republican Party chose to favor this man despite his utter lack of principles.

Can Conservatism Appeal To Young People?
Big Government - Young conservative Mytheos Holt writes on a subject that's very much on the minds of Republicans and conservatives these days, namely whether conservative principles can be effectively sold to a youth generation that appears to be getting (through polls and voting trends) more liberal all the time.  Holt believes there's hope for conservatives in this regard and provides examples of where liberal politics could start to sour with the young folks.

Sharron Angle Goes On the Attack
Human Events - Liberal attacks against Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle have been fierce in the two weeks since she won the nomination, and here, political guru John Gizzi allows her a forum to respond - and she wasn't shy about complying.  As would be expected, once Angle had a chance to explain her positions it's clear that they're not only solid from a conservative standpoint, they're safely within the American cultural mainstream as well.

Republicans Suspect Democrats Are Behind Florida Tea Party Candidates
Miami Herald - Florida Republicans see a number of 'Tea Party' candidates on the ballot in key districts across the state and suspect foul play on the part of Democrats who appear to be tacitly supporting these candidates who aren't really viable.  Florida Republicans are concerned that the 'Tea Party' label will siphon off enough conservative votes to put Democrats over the top in these tightly contested races.